The Horshack Redemption #4: Deadly Blessing (1981)

What do you get when you combine the magic of Charlie's Angels and the macabre of Wes Craven?  You get Deadly Blessing.  Come listen in as Gilligan and The Professor dissect this early eighties horror flick.

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As we roll along, we'll deliver up a twitter and facebook page as well as an app.  This is only our fourth episode, so there's still some kinks to iron out, but I think we're starting to get the swing of things.  I still tend to get tongue tied and The Professor's audio isn't at max quality, but the content I think is strong... and most importantly, we're having a lot of fun doing it.  Surprisingly, with only a few podcasts under our belt, we're managing to develop a significant pool of listeners - which is very promising, and certainly bolsters our motivation to press on.

Next week:  DC Cab (1983) starring Mr. T!


  1. Fun, but way TOO LONG!

    1. You could make an argument that a movie review should never be longer than the movie itself (!) - we value any feedback both good and bad. It's the only way to get thing in the "sweet spot". Thanks!

  2. I love all these podcasts, my favorite thing to have happened to the Internet. Don't change anything. Both funny and deeply serious at the same time.