Mini Skirt Monday #174: School Minis

The last time we did a Miniskirt Monday focusing on a school setting was September 2012, so we are definitely due for another. As much as I enjoy these photos, it's troubling to think that all these girls are in their sixties (or getting close) now.  (shudder) My how time flies.

My school never had this Valentine's tradition (this and next two photos), and I am worse for it.

Well, she certainly has the attention of the male audience.


  1. We would be looking at a little cotton if #10 moved her hand

  2. A very nice post to turn to when one is trying to warm up from the effects of a solar vortex.

  3. Hello to the little spinner in 55 with the hot pants and see through top.

  4. I graduated from an all boy Catholic high school in 1969. We hardly knew what we were missing by not being in public school. The only miniskirt to be found was on the school secretary. I guess she was about 20 and usually wore a miniskirt to work. You only got to see her if you get sent to the office.

  5. Most of those Minis weren't as mini as I remember my high school days. I was class of 76 from a Catholic high school. The assistant principal used to meet the girls at the door with a ruler to make sure their skirts were close enough to their knees. Then the girls would go into the restroom and roll the waistbands of their skirts until the hem was just an inch away from heaven. Sweeeeeeet!

    Hey Gilligan, to go along with Mini Skirt Mondays, how about Tube Top Tuesdays?

    1. Oh god yes! Tube Top Tuesdays! Those would be a lot harder to find. Sounds like a challenge that must be accepted. :)

    2. Oh my word! I can't wait!

    3. Definitely an inspired idea. Fishnet Friday anyone?

  6. Picture #10. Did that girl have a sixth sense informing her that a guy was taking a picture up her miniskirt. Picture #16 front row far right. I see England I see France..............

  7. I don't know. The legs are usually the last to go, and I've seen some 60-somethings that still do justice to short skirts.

  8. Every time I see one of your mini posts I want to run out and get me a mini! But alas times have changed and while some teachers in the 70s could get away with wearing minis, teachers now cannot. I teach in NYS public school and the best I can muster without being called out (by the kids BTW) is 6 in above the knee, not so mini in my mind. And the kids WILL notice. One time I wore a rather short dress, maybe 8 in above the knee, hot day, so I thought I'd get away with it, but no, a girl yelled out "Your dress is too short! How come the AP didn't make you change ?" Really?? My, times have changed!!

  9. amazing pictures and also the post