Mini Skirt Monday #175: Majorettes

Cheerleaders get all the attention - even on Retrospace.  Miniskirt Monday has devoted at least two posts to cheerleaders (here and here) but nary a mention of their less acclaimed counterparts: the color guard, baton twirlers/majorettes, pep flags, etc.  These gals were every bit the stalwart supporters of the miniskirt (although, often preferring the hotpants - which is no crime in my book).

Well, the lack of representation on Miniskirt Monday ends today.  Here's another pile of old photographs this time featuring those lovely flipping, twirling, dancing, girls in miniskirts.

 30 (Not miniskirts, I know.... are you complaining?)


  1. First off congratulations on posting mini skirt Monday #175. Thanks for providing time well spent.
    In photo #1 does it qualify as a skirt or a shirt if the length of the uniform doesn't come close to extending over the majorette's underwear?
    As to photo #30 and the girl on the far right. If she dressed like that for school she would be sent home immediately with a visit to the principal's office on the way. But in the name of "school spirit" a girl could wear just about anything she wanted as long as it was a "uniform". Just hypocritical of the school administration but I'm not complaining. Photo #48, on the other hand, the girls are wearing uniforms that look like what many of the female students wore day in and day out at school in the early '70s.

  2. The stereotypical majorette outfit in the 70s and 80s was a sequined leotard, much like in #30 ( I know, I dated one and got dragged to competitions all over the region). PLEASE do one just on the leotards, I've always loved them.

    My school's majorettes had two different uniforms: Leotards like in #30, and a vest/hot pants thing. On game days, they could wear the hot pants to school, but on leotard days, they had to wear a t-shirt and sweat pants combo instead, and change into the leotards at dismissal.

  3. What's with the sword in #19? She looks like she is just daring someone to take her spot on the squad.

  4. Dayum! I see London, I see France...

  5. Yes, I agree with the earlier entry. Please do one just on the leotards.

  6. #48, chick in the center: The wet blankets in the crowd will probably say those are darts where the fabric has been folded and sewn, but I'm going with the obvious and more exciting explanation; she's cold and that is one sheer uniform.

  7. Could the center and LH end girls in #10 also have doubled for defensive tackles on the football team? Such thick legs!!!