The Horshack Redemption #8: Eat My Dust (1976)

Gilligan and the Professor roll out their top three awkward movie moments, as well as their top Video Store Memories.  Then it's on to the 1976 Ron Howard/Roger Corman film Eat My Dust.  Gilligan is enraged by a certain scene involving dungarees and The Professor is incensed by random bursts of singing.  Take a listen to hear all about it!.Here are a few ways to tune in....
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  1. You poor guys. Such poor choices! I'd read the Less than Zero book, so I knew what it was about!

    I'm glad you mentioned renting the VCR machine, no one I knew could afford one, so we always had to rent. Then you had to unhook the antenna or the cable and the parents griped about it.

    Tire squealing in the dirt is very, very normal in movies and TV.

  2. Loved your Top 3 lists on video store memories, your discussion really resonated and brought back many fond memories. As a budding film buff there was no greater joy in the ability to see the movies that you only read about, and discover new ones.

    A couple of comments on your discussion
    -Professor is correct on the cost of VHS as a factor in that format's dominication in the home video market. I've also heard many times that the adult film industry was very instrumental in the rise (no pun intended) of that format as they adopted it as the preferred means of integrated themselves into the home's of perverted millions

    -You missed one of Hoover's friends' connection to another retro fav-The Brady Bunch! Kathy O'Dare (Miranda, in Eat My Dust) played Peter's masquerade ball date in the infamous Peter's Twin episode!

    -I agree that this movie was a mess. If you are not too scarred by this experience I strongly recommend Grand Theft Auto, Ron's directorial debut that resulted from his agreement to star in EMD. Very 70's slapstick type of film with a great number of Ron's fellow co-stars from TV, including Mrs. C and one of the Malachi Bros.!

    Keep up the great work!