The Horshack Redemption #9: Modern Problems (1981)

Vintage Movie Review #9 - The 1981 Chevy Chase film Modern Problems. Also starring Dabney Coleman, Nel Carter, and a ton of bizarre 80s moments we can't wait to tell you about.

Plus, we list our top 3 toys from the 1970s. Have a listen!

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    1. wow, I have not thought of the Mighty Man and Monster Maker since I was a kid! I spent hours and hours with that thing!

      I have a vivid memory of seeing Modern Problems at a matinee when it was released, then heading home for a few hours of Atari...my brain damaged 13-yr-old self thought it was hilarious! Seeing it years later through more discerning eyes showed what a piece of crap it was...truly one of Chevy's worst.

    2. LMAO. I love hearing you guys eviscerate, annihilate this picture. "I can't imagine putting pencil to paper or filming this. Who would want to?" "I had a frown every time Chevy Chase was on screen." It is a pity that you guys didn't review a really good "Modern" picture, same year. I mean, of course Modern Romance with Albert Brooks and Kathryn Harrold.