Mini Skirt Monday #179: One Among Many (Part 2)

In Miniskirt Monday 167 we honored the girls who stood alone in their choice of wardrobe - opting to don the greatest garment ever invented over lesser choices (i.e. the dreaded slacks).  As I said back in in October, "Lone miniskirt wearing chick - Retrospace salutes you!"

"That's right.  You can keep your bell-bottoms.  I'll just keep strutting around in my mini.  We'll see who the boys look at."  She may not be built like Raquel, but she's got the right attitude.

If ever there were a textbook example of the miniskirt standing out in a crowd, this is it.

You can tell by her expression.  She knows the mini always wins.


No coincidence she's in the center.  Right where the mini belongs.

Minis always go to the front of the line.

Thirty-one guys, and they're all thinking about the same thing. 

The guy on the bottom left is trying really hard to ignore what's right behind his head.  The temptation to turn around must have been incredible.

Clothing other than the miniskirt is just Mickey Mouse.  Grown ups stand to the right.



  1. yes, this is like my high school days... class of '75 - so - three and a half years of FANTASTIC mini skirts! Great pix here... Thanks so much.

  2. The middle guy in 41 is thinking PANCAKES after brushing hands with Miss Mini!!

  3. I remember the ROTC gals.

    Always very classy in their uniforms......

  4. #38 is a depressing photo for me. The nerds have been pushed to the back row and the girl in the miniskirt only has eyes for the jock who looks like Larry Wilcox.

  5. Another home run. Thanks Gilligan.

  6. Heh, poor little #29. She looks pretty miserable that she's the lone chick that's going to have to, um, "deal with" all 31 guys.

  7. These look so much like my own High School yearbook that I had to look at some of the photos twice to make sure they weren't.

  8. Late for the party again. Class of '79 and don't recall seeing a single mini (or any kind skirt or dress period) on any the hundreds of girls in my high school - not one ! Thanks for nothing girls... At least it was easier to concentrate on my studies.

  9. They pulled the trigger on my love gun!

  10. Don't know what's more depressing: the fact that you don't see minis like this anymore, or the fact that all these girls are grandmothers by now. Heavy sigh.

    1. Take heart. I'm seeing some of those grandmother types in short skirts, knowing they still have the gams for them.

  11. Great post. My first wife's only redeeming quality was looking smoking hot in miniskirts. Too bad I was only an occasional audience for those minis.... but I digress. (A Molly Ringwald look-alike in miniskirts is a motivation to get laid, but not a foundation for a marriage, as it turns out.)

    The picture with the greatest "contrast" is #25: amidst all those ultra-low hemlines, ultra-high waistlines, and godawful fabric patterns is one woman who might actually enjoy physical contact with another human being... not that there are more than a couple of humans in that room.