Music Lists #21: More Songs I Love

A few months back, I published a list of 19 songs I loved.  Well, I though I'd add a few more to the list.  No great revelations here - just a bunch of songs I happen to enjoy.  I'm always appreciative of recommendations, so I thought you might be as well.

East of Ginger Trees
Seals & Crofts
(Summer Breeze)

Sweeping soft rock the way nature intended.  The hippie ideal stripped of its hedonism; it's so earthy you can smell the pumice.  I expect this to be back on the charts when weed is fully legalized.

Wishing on a Star
Rose Royce
(In Full Bloom)

Lace up, it's time for "couple skate" at the roller rink.  You can't be angry or depressed when you listen to this - many have tried, and failed.

Penguin Cafe Single
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
(Music from the Penguin Cafe)

Instrumental and offbeat; so strange I can hardly make it through the whole album.  However, the opening track is something special that even non-prog-rockers can appreciate.
Ghetto Child
The Spinners

Simultaneously sad and exultant.  If you haven't heard my love for The Spinners, hear it now. I'm here to testify.  Today's "urban sound" is pure posturing; an aggressive growl for sex, money and death.  "Ghetto Child" isn't from a "simpler time", but a much more complex time.

Kite Man
Three Dog Night
(Coming Down Your Way)

I wasn't there, but I can say with absolute conviction that no one was not stoned during any point from inception to release.  In fact, I think they should have given a marijuana plant writing credits for "Kite Man".  This song is what THC sounds like and I love it.

Taj Mahal
Jorge Ben
(Africa Brasil)

Jorge should've sued Rod Stewart.  "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" is a direct rip off.  This is tropicalia with attitude.

Sleep Won't Help Me
(Ring of Hands)

A slow motion slide a la "Come Together" with a Santana vibe. It never picks up the pace, so it may not be suitable for those not stoned, but I enjoy it.

I've Got to Be Going
Peppermint Trolley Company
(Peppermint Trolley Company)

More than just the original Brady Bunch theme song singers, these guys transcended bubblegum.  Not quite Floyd, but not The Archies either - they reside with the Strawberry Alarm Clock in that effervescent haze between the two.

Baby's On Fire
(Here Come the Warm Jets)

Crimson's Fripp is deadly in this diabolical ditty; a radio friendly melody laced with an apocalyptic fugue.

Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
(Bongo Rock)

For me, "Apache" will always be inexorably linked to The Sugarhill Gang.  But this bongo band did an honorable cover in '73 of the original by The Shadows.


  1. Rose Royce and Three Dog Night? I'm not tripping with you.

  2. Good night. Apache is from The Shadows! The bongo version is interesting. And I share your love of The Spinners. Argent was pretty good too.

    1. Ignorance exposed! Thank you and corrected.

  3. Ecron MussMarch 19, 2014

    Jorge Ben DID sue Rod Stewart over Taj Mahal. Did you know that?