Retrospace Sharity #3: True Confidential Confessions

Men's action mags of the fifties and sixties had stories with sensational titles like "Weasels Ripped My Flesh!" and "Sex Slave of the Nazi Witch Queen".  Whereas, the women's pulp had a different slant, with titles such as: "I Was A Wild Hot Rod Girl", "Blind Dating Ruined Me" and "I Married a Road Bum". In my humble opinion, there's something to love in both genres.

In this sharity post I'm delivering up the "true confession" pulp rags aimed at the female audience. All have "confession" in their titles, but each one is a different publication.  If only for curiosity, they are definitely worth a read.  Happy downloading.... and you're welcome.

Please note that not all of these were scanned by yours truly.  A tip of the hat to the original scanner whoever he or she may be.

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  1. Spite marriage.

    Aren't they all sometimes?

  2. "Tan Confessions"???? Whaaaaat?

  3. I'm sure Pat Boone's experiences of dating still hold special meaning for us today.

  4. Small town girls. Ah, the memories...

  5. In "I was killing my husband with love" the guy chewing on his glasses is the model that artist James Bama used for the paperbacks of the Doc Savage novels. Great post by the way.