The Horshack Redemption #11: The Devil Within Her (1975)

The 1975 horror movie "The Devil Within Her" AKA "Sharon's Baby" is reviewed.  Plus, the top three Saturday morning TV shows (cartoons not included) are counted down.  A fun, nostalgic, hilarious time is had by all.  Come join us!

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    1. Like you, I could talk about the 70s well into the night. It turns out that your theory about evil child movies was anticipated by Neil Howe and William Strauss in their theory of generational cycles. They literally spell out a theory in which the boomers put children last on their list of agendas, and were skeptical about children and that this played out in the fiction and pop culture of the 70s and mentions The Omen, Rosemary's Baby and others. Neil Howe calls it the devil or evil child movie and mentioned the same thing you did here. So kudos. Great minds think alike.

    2. Another entertaining review, thanks gents. If you do decide to dip back into the 80's, consider "Streets of Fire", I think you guys would have a good time, lol. Besides that, the drinking games alone would keep you busy for a fortnight.

    3. I'm a frequent visitor to your great blog, and just have to say I enjoy your posts and great movie reviews. And like your first comment post from dandiacal, I could talk about the 70's as well. I was a kid in the 60's and I grew up or I should say I was a teenager in the 70's,and to me the 70's was that last decade were life was very simple and carefree!!! However I have great disdain for the 80's because I feel that was when everything started to change, but thats for another topic. But I couldn't agree more with the Professor, about the music of the 70's, it was very eclectic and happy sounding indeed. I do have two movie recommendations for you guys, the first is "Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry' from 1974 with Peter Fonda and Susan George and my second is "you know her" and "you love her" Wonder Women her self Linda Carter !!! was in Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw from 1976, were by the way she appeared topless. Two great grindhouse drive-in movies from the 70's. Keep up the great work guy's

    4. My Saturdays in the 60s and 70s went like this:

      Throw my paper routes.
      Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, The Adventures of Superman...
      The Cartoon line-up.
      Local pro wrestling (Memphis, starring Jerry Lawler.)
      Tarzan movies.
      Then outside to play baseball.

    5. I was born in 1958. The 60s were my childhood. The 70s was when I became a man.

      I love the 70s. Like you guys said, the 70 were a time when things in pop culture and fashion just erupted and any thing was possible. And it is still my favorite music.

      Look at the fashion. From the 40s to the end of the 60s, men dressed one way. And from the 80s till today, we dress just the same. Just the same as we did in the 40s. But in the 70s, we let our freak flags fly. Bell bottoms, Flaired collars. Stripes and plaids. Sideburns.

      Look at Commissioner McMillan and Mike Brady. Dude were styling!

      When is the last time a major politician had facial hair? Other than the 70s, you have to go back to pre-WWII.

    6. El dibujo de Joan Collins es muy malo, realmente es más parecida a Cher.

    7. Bad bad drawing of Joan collins...It is more like Cher!