Catalogs #36: 1986 German Catalog

I found this German catalog (Genex) from 1986 infinitely interesting - not just for the inherent nostalgia, but for the contrast to American catalogs and by extrapolation, culture.  For instance, in '86 we don't put cartons of cigarettes in the candy section; nor do we show fully nude people in the sauna section.  That's just un-American.

But those are extreme examples.  For the most part, the catalog is just an average tour through mid-eighties consumerism.  Still worth a tour - let's check it out.


Cinema #34: Top 30 T&A '73

In my opinion 1972 was the year all hell broke loose. Deep Throat and Last Tango in Paris were playing on Main Street.  Sexual Liberation was in the air, and cinema was quick to hitch a ride on the gravy train. Restrictions had been lifted a few years earlier, but by '72 even the remaining restrictions were ignored.  It seemed the motion picture industry's censors were asleep at the wheel, and it was time to get down.

I thought I'd start with the following year and drill down on the top 30 movies which delivered the goods to the hungry masses. Is this the Internet's definitive list? Why yes it is.


The Horshack Redemption #14: Dirty O'Neil (1974)

Gilligan and the Professor review the 1974 Drive-In sexploitation film Dirty O'Neil. Listen in to hear our Drinking Game for the film, and of course there's plenty of discussion on the naughty bits (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

As always, we start things off with a Top Three List - this week it's "The Top 3 Badasses of All Time".

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Mini Skirt Monday #181: Catalog Minis

Minis from catalogs is something we've definitely covered before, and I've tried to ensure no repeats (though, with the volume of pictures I've uploaded, there's likely to be a few).  Anyway, there were three previous catalog episodes: July 2013, and two from January 2011 (here and here).  But there's plenty scattered throughout our long, rich and illustrious history of Miniskirt Mondays.

So, I'll shut up now and deliver the catalog minis....


Tech #29: Futurespeak - Predictions from Video Action Magazine

The December 1980 issue of Video Action contained an article by Mike Gold titled "Futurespeak".  The tagline reads:


My interest was piqued. Predictions from 33 years ago on the future of media: television, books, movies, etc.....  This had the makings of a must read.  In 1980, our living rooms were still a lot like the living rooms of 1960.  The television set was color, but the number of channels was basically the same.  The VCR and the "home arcade" were on the market, but hadn't yet penetrated your average household.  But change was in the air, and the technophiles could feel a major shift on the horizon.

This is a voice from that moment.  1980 homes are still stuck with one crummy TV with 3-5 crummy channels, but all this stuff is about to explode (although it would take several decades to fully realize most of the predictions in this article - via the internet).... and there's this guy, Mike Gold in Video Action magazine giving us his take on where all this is headed.

So, here's the article in its entirety.  I've also added my own comments throughout.  All the pictures within this post are taken directly from this issue of Video Action.


Vintage Style #40: Partridge Family Fashions

The Partridge Family was on from 1970 to 1974, that nether-region between the brilliant day-glo fashions of the sixties and the funked out disco styles of the late seventies.  You might say that the clothing from this period is an "acquired taste". The Partridges provide an excellent glimpse into this wondrous period.  Let's have a look...


The Horshack Redemption #13: Ants! (1977)

In this episode the Professor and I discuss the 1977 film Ants.  We also delve into the top 3 sitcom characters of all time.

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Note:  I apologize for the Professor's audio quality - evidently he was at the bottom of a deep and ancient well during this recording. We hesitated to even post this podcast, but in the end we decided there was just too much good here to let go to waste.

We use Simkl IM CVR to record Skype for our podcasts, and it was behaving even worse than usual.  Any pointers on how to get remote audio quality up would be appreciated.


Vintage Reads #51: Fantasy Covers & Vocabulary

Google Books allows you to check out a novel's most commonly used terms. It's an interesting little function, especially when it comes to works of fantasy.  Google Books spits out the words you'd expect - we all know the types of proper nouns and such used in the genre: "Eltorn", "Thunderhammer", "Tyfar", "Trylon".... I'm just making them up as I go. You get the idea.

It's easy to make fun, but in all fairness, if you did the same Google Books function for The Lord of the Rings, it would sound similarly cheesy.  The vocabulary of fantasy simply became a parody of itself.  (Then along comes George R. R. Martin to break the mold - but that's another story.)

So, I thought it'd be fun to take a look at a stack of fantasy books and single out three of the most common words for each.  Plus, I always love the cover art - so even if you don't give a flying shit about the words, there's plenty of eye candy to enjoy.


Album Covers #42: Vinyl Vixens

Will the well ever run dry? It seems I could post LP cover cheesecake for the next hundred years and only scratch the surface.  Record buyers were evidently a randy lot, easily swayed by a bit of female skin.  Where The Beatles or Elton John could afford to get creative with their cover art, a huge segment of the music world opted for Plan B (and B stands for Boobs).

This randiness was by no means an American original. Au contraire.  Spanish language discs were the biggest offenders.  Indeed, there is a mountain of as yet untapped gold in 'foreign' vinyl eye candy.  No doubt, it will allow posts like this to continue for many years to come.


The Horshack Redemption #12: Humanoids from the Deep (1980)

Gilligan and the Prof review the 1980 monster movie Humanoids from the Deep. Our discussion, as always, weaves through the pop culture landscape of yesteryear, where we discuss everything from evil ventriloquist dummies to gratuitous nudity.  A good time was had by all.

Our top 3 list for the week is "TV shows that we enjoyed as a child in the 70s and 80s, but suck hard upon reviewing as an adult".  You won't want to miss this.

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  • Mini Skirt Monday #180: More Lovely Couples

    Yes, we've done couples before here on Miniskirt Monday: once in June 2013, and earlier in May 2012. What can I say? It's a particularly fun subject - sizing up the couples, detecting a mismatch, etc.  You also get the often godawful men's fashions as an added bonus.  So, here's yet another "couples" post with 52 pics for the win.  Enjoy.