Mini Skirt Monday #181: Catalog Minis

Minis from catalogs is something we've definitely covered before, and I've tried to ensure no repeats (though, with the volume of pictures I've uploaded, there's likely to be a few).  Anyway, there were three previous catalog episodes: July 2013, and two from January 2011 (here and here).  But there's plenty scattered throughout our long, rich and illustrious history of Miniskirt Mondays.

So, I'll shut up now and deliver the catalog minis....

 Spiegle Christmas 1972

Eaton's Christmas catalog 1973

1972 Sears

1970 Sears

1969 Sears

Misc Catalogs

The End


  1. These are the styles the girls wore back when I was in high school, Not the most fashionable mini's. One thing I noticed is the girls have curves and don't have toothpicks for legs. Today, these models would be considered overweight for fashion models.

  2. okay, kinda tame but I appreciate this nonetheless. Thanks as always and God Bless the Mini Skirt!

  3. The "Cautiously Sexy" era: 1966-1989
    I was glad to be have been witness to it!

  4. Gilligan, you know know I love the 70s catalogs and you know I love the minis (I'm a guy and I breath, damn it!). So you know I love this post - Colleen, Kay, Cay, Karen, Kathy and all the rest - to all of you Thank You, Thank You!!