The Horshack Redemption #18 - Stripped to Kill (1987)

The Professor and Gilligan discuss the 1987 Roger Corman produced thriller Stripped to Kill starring Kay Lenz, Greg Evigan and Norman Fell.

The List this week is: The Top 3 TV Homes Where You Would Want to Live 

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  1. Gilligan...I thought maybe you were over exaggerating that song....but damn. That was horrid. Hor. Rid. Sounds like a terrible movie, but at least the movie poster art was good.

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2014

    As far as TV houses where you would want to live, the Petrie's house on the Dick Van Dyke Show was pretty cool with the sunken living room and all. Though the kitchen seemed a bit narrow. It also has that shuttered window thing between the kitchen and living room, which all TV houses had back then. The "I Love Lucy" apartment had one, even the "Bewitched" house had one if you notice, though t was way in the back. I think it was a device so we could see action in the kitchen and living room simultaneously.

  3. I'd go with the Family Affair's penthouse over the Bob Newhart apartment. It had a much more interesting layout, the kitchen wasn't in the living room, and it had that cool rooftop garden thing. Much better than Bob's balcony.

    I also loved the firehouse that Spenser lived in on Spenser for Hire.

    And I've always had a soft spot for Rockford's mobile home on the beach.

  4. AnonymousJune 01, 2014

    I'm Jonesing for more!!