Horshack Redemption #19: Chrome and Hot Leather (1971)

Listen to Gilligan and The Professor discuss this early 70's biker movie starring the incomparable William Smith with a cameo by Cheryl Ladd.  The greatest retro movie soundtracks of all time are also on tap.  Enjoy!

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Full Reads #4: Wild Women on the Loose!

Here's a couple fun articles from ye olde men's magazines which tell tales of wild rampaging women  The first article, "Girls with Claws" is written so sensationally that I simply had to share. Every line is a hysterical hot mess of lies and wishful thinking: "They use sex as bait but, failing to get a nibble, these demoniac damsels will fight!"

The second article, "Burglar in Hollywood" falls victim to the same fiction - that the world is populated by massive amounts of glamorous nymphomaniacs.  Never in the town you live, of course - but this article claims they're rampant in Hollywood.

Happy reading.