Full Reads #4: Wild Women on the Loose!

Here's a couple fun articles from ye olde men's magazines which tell tales of wild rampaging women  The first article, "Girls with Claws" is written so sensationally that I simply had to share. Every line is a hysterical hot mess of lies and wishful thinking: "They use sex as bait but, failing to get a nibble, these demoniac damsels will fight!"

The second article, "Burglar in Hollywood" falls victim to the same fiction - that the world is populated by massive amounts of glamorous nymphomaniacs.  Never in the town you live, of course - but this article claims they're rampant in Hollywood.

Happy reading.

Wolf Bait magazine 1959

Sex crazy, man hungry, dope-dizzy dames are on the loose! Out to satisfy the most basic, lustful and primitive of all urges, they will now scratch, bites lie, cheat and claw to gain their dubious ends and to hell with the costs!

It used to be that a "nice" girl calmly waited for a swain to come courting and should she be denied a suitor she became an old maid and took to teaching scool, handing out library cards or sedately clerking.

Perhaps in defiance of this lot, revolting against cruel society, groups of todays' girls go all out for love, tracking down the objects of their often distorted affections, demanding, commanding. They use sex as bait but, failing to get a nibble, these demoniac damsels will fight!

"I was raped!" a west coast sailor told police, reporting to them mauled, bitten and beaten after he had picked up two girl-hitchhikers in his car. "They made me love them," a business man told Detroit morals officers after he had, at their invitation, visited a pair of nymphomaniacs, "'they held a gun at my head!"

In the teen-age gangs that riotously rove the streets of our cities are many marauding misses, tolerated by the boys because they carry the guns and knives, do the fighting, stalling, stealing. Their reward? More than casual kisses! These girls are vicious and -- gentle male reader -- should you become a victim of these malicious maids and should you be forced by strange and flaming passions to give in -- do so quickly because, you see, THESE GIRLS HAVE CLAWS!

Another aspect of the tragic picture is the other side of the seamy story --- girls who are not attracted to men --- girls who are not girls but loathsome t lesbians -- preying upon lonely, poor, uninitiated, inexperienced and uneducated lasses. They too travel in gangs, affect mannish haircuts and clothing. They will stop at nothing!

Men -- beware of the female Lothario. Be satisfied with the lass that winks, displays a bit of ankle, holds you close as you dance. Forward women, brash teen-aged sirens and girls that travel in groups are often psychopaths, capable of any outrage. Girls -- beware the mannish woman who offers to help you find that job, lend you money, help with your rent -- never go home with this type -- they are the most dangerous of all the felines that claw because, quite likely, they are mad perverts!

Slick magazine, September 1941

All towns look alike to a burglar. But Hollywood is different. A light-lingered gent with a yen for other folks' baubles leads a dog's life in this village of the flickers and home of the screen test. The average burglar is strictly a man 's man, a rough and ready fellow who minds his own business trying to make a dishonest penny to feed his hungry brats. He has no talent for handling the vigorous womanhood of celluloid row.

These frails are no timid housewives who hide under the bed at the mere sound of·what might be a burglar. They are galloping gals with temperament, toughness and terror. And a man who lets himself be pushed around by the buxom belles of Beverly Hills is better off dead.

The meeker males of Glamour Town-on-the Pacific are by far outnumbered by the huge population of dizzy, dazzling domes, the winners of beauty contests all over the world. Hollywood is a girls' town by on easy four to one. This sad statistical fact causes the shapely sisters to compete for their men with all the ferocity of starving Bengal tigresses. With tooth and nail and with many a yank of lovely hair-dos the Hollywood squaws battle for their bucks like a couple of rival bull moose in the Northern woods. In a fight for a mole there is no quarter given or asked.

To the heart hungry glamour gals of screen-land any heel in pants is worth a scrap. In Hollywood even a burglar is more than a mere crook. He is a male, a creature who could escort a gal to the Trocadero (if she paid the check) and hence worth battling a roommate for. And what a battle these lovely glamour gals con put up. A mere man, be he crook or honest citizen, will be almost in shreds when these amazing Amazons have fought over him and hauled him this way and that in their struggle.

A poor, defenseless sneak thief is better off in the cozy jailhouse where the cops will give him a third degree that will seem mild in comparison. God help a burglar in a town like this! .


  1. Retro catfights, very well done.

    Coincidentally, I see that Mona Freeman recently passed away (I saw her obit for the first time today in the Washington Post). Mona was famous for many professional accomplishments, not the least of which was battling Mexican spitfire Katy Jurado in one of the finest western movie catfights ever filmed as part of the 1957 movie "Dragoon Wells Massacre".

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2014

    Nothing like a good cat fight! Especially when they look as svelte as they do here! When is the last time we heard that word??? Seriously though, thanks for the great post!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    always enjoy your posts

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    Can you give me a call?

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    I have had problems commenting lately, but I am still reading faithfully. Love this post!