TV Guide #3: August 4-10, 1979

Yes, it's another TV Guide post.  Get used to it folks - I've got a box of them that are just begging to be scanned...


The Groovy Age of Travel #9: Tokyo 1961

I picked up this old brochure ("This Week in Tokyo, March 27, 1961) from an antique store and found it to be a pretty cool memento from the groovy age of travel.  Lots of ads for cocktail bars, nudie shows and posh hotels.  The swingin' jet setters that were traveling to Tokyo were livin' the dream... and to think, we had dropped two atomic bombs on them just 17 years prior!


The Horshack Redemption #21: Lisa and the Devil (1973)

The Shack is Back!  This time the Professor and I dive in to the Mario Bava classic Lisa and the Devil (1973).  As always, we start things off with our Top 3 List - this time it's the top three worst TV spin-offs.

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Vintage Scan #29: Mormon Genealogy Magazine (1969)

So, I live in Utah now... so, that happened.   It's actually a beautiful place with lots of hiking, skiing.... and thrift stores full of old Mormon magazines like this one.

I thought this one was cool because it dives into the high tech world of 1969 genealogy.  Not every issue of The Era is about this subject - the next one I'll scan is about Mormon youth in 1969, which is fascinating.


Cinema #36: Title Screens I Have Known

I apparently have a mental illness where I can't watch a movie on my computer without capturing the title screen.  The result: over the past few years, I've amassed a few hundred of these screen caps.

Here's a nice big pile of them for you to look at.  Longtime retrospace readers will remember a lot of these got the Movie Review treatment, such as Screwballs above (post 1 and post 2).


New Location!

I figured this was probably a good time to change the URL.  After nearly a year long hiatus, it feels kind of like a new leaf, and the "my-retrospace.blogspot" address always drove me nuts.  I never changed it because it destroys your Page Rank.... but that's neither here nor there.

Believe it or not, the "retrospace.com" address would have cost me $13,000.  The "retrospace.org" address cost a whopping $12.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, and welcome!

TV Guide #2: Jan 13-19, 1979

These star-studded sweeping dramatic miniseries were all too common at the close of the decade.  I'm reminded of Will Ferrell's "Spoils of Babylon", a funny-ish sendup of these shows.  Take note: before Caruso's cocky sunglasses-removal shtick, there was Robert Vaughn in Centennial.


Mini Skirt Monday #182: Reading (Part III)

As if the year-long hiatus never happened, we're rolling right into Miniskirt Monday #182: Reading. This one's about.... well, girls in miniskirts reading.  Alas, I'm not going to deliver up 100+ minis as in days of yore, but I think you'll agree - even one mini makes a Monday a little brighter.  Enjoy.

Vintage Reads #53: What I've Been Reading

Man, this was a disappointment.  With a cover like this, you'd think Ghoul Lover (1972) would be the greatest book of all time (and I'm not saying this sarcastically).

I was on a long flight with long layovers, but I didn't mind - I had Ghoul Lover in my computer bag, and it was going to be okay.... or so I thought.   I'll spare you the synopsis - suffice it to say, it was like a Hammer movie with all the excitement and boobs sucked out.  Insert some overblown astral projection mumbo jumbo and too much jibba-jabba about ancient texts and SCIENCE (all caps intended), and you've got yourself a boring-ass book with a kick-ass cover.  The best part was a full color advertisement for TRUE menthol cigarettes in the middle.

TV Guide #1: April 14-20, 1973

So, I've got hundreds of TV Guides from the 1970s, and figured it was time to start scanning them.  I'm pulling them out at random - and first up is this oddball featuring Brian Keith and Shelly Fabares (reminding me of how awful bellbottoms were when you didn't have height to your heels, and they scuffed the ground.... but that's neither here nor there).

  • You'll note that the TV Guide is from Salt Lake City (as is referenced in several programs).
  • On Wednesday, Dick Cavett talks to recently released POWs and an evening with The Spinners (my all time favorite soul group - gotta love "Rubberband Man" and "Ghetto Child").
  • On Thursday a Salt Lake City Doctor talks about VD.
  • Can you even comprehend the Today show of 2015 French Impressionist art?

Retrospace Returns!

Well, it's been at least a year since I was regularly posting to Retrospace.  It was a long hiatus, but I knew I'd get back to it when the time was right.  I've had just too damn much fun here (since 2008!) to wave goodbye for good.  I'm so glad I can now return... the question is, how many of you are still out there?