Catalogs #37: Sears 1974 Women's Fashion

Scanned these pages from the 1974 Sears Fall-Winter catalog.  Enjoy!


  1. Who'd you want to date?
    Title Photo. The one on the right with the hat. She's got a Holly Hallstrom meets Diane Keaton vibe about her.
    1. Ooh, tough call. The middle one is cute, but the one on the left in the dark green just aces it. I do like that retro-flapper look that abounded in the 70s.
    2. Miss La-Di-Dah in the pink.
    3. Not-Charlie's Angels #1: Not-Sabrina or Not-Chris? I'm going with the conspiratorial whisperer on the right despite preferring the outfit of Not-Chris.
    4. Perky Soccer Mum on the left.
    5. The haughty brunette sitting down.
    6. I don't like the one on the left; she's eavesdropping. The haughty brunette on the right's the one.
    7. Another tough call: Cute perky one in the middle or cute perky one that looks like the 2nd eldest daughter from 8 Is Enough? One on the right, she seems fun but in a nice way.
    8. Definitely the Erin Gray lookie-likie in the skirt.
    9. Not the one on the left, she looks too bitchy. Not the one on the right, she has underpants on her head. Ginger in the middle's the one.
    10. The fair haired one looks like Barbara Bain's younger sister in a lost episode of Space: 1999. Go with her.
    11. I'll say the one sitting down; she's the only one who looks like she's not wearing a wig.

    More later, got to pick up my sons from school :)

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  3. "Double knit," I can't read that term without hearing Lorraine Bracco's voice. From the movie Goodfellas:

    "Karen: Well, we weren't married to nine-to-five guys, but the first time I realized how different was when Mickey had a hostess party. They had bad skin and wore too much make-up. I mean, they didn't look very good. They looked beat-up. And the stuff they wore was thrown together and cheap. A lot of pant suits and double knits. "

  4. ...continued...

    12. Oh man, they dressed 3 attractive ladies like the 1974 US Ryder Cup team. The one on the right seems to be transcending her outfit.
    13. The blonde comes in a variety of action poses, but the African-American woman is giving the viewer such a warm "come hither" smile I'm powerless to resist.
    14. All three are giving it their all but the brunette in the middle looks like she's wandered in from a BBC TV drama of that era. I'm going with her.
    15. The only thing that marks this out as 1974 rather than 1944 is the wonder fabric, Qiana (tm). The blonde on the right has this Lynda Day George vibe about her, and has my vote.
    16. No one has the power to stand in the way of the one on the right: And they call her, Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    17. The blonde on the right loses points for a strange quiff in her hair. Asian air stewardess wins.
    18. Ooh, it's in Textura! OK, the one in the middle is doing that high school thing..."I like him...no, don't stare. OMG, he's looking back at me! OMG he's coming over!" Sure thing, middle one!
    19. That's got to be Erin Gray on the right. So, no contest. Biddi-biddi-biddi, lookin' foxy Wilma.
    20. The short skirt. The hat. That sophisticated look. I'd have to work hard to win her heart. She wins.
    21. Shelley Hack...so often the bridesmaid but not this time. They tried to put a hideous tank top over your dress but you still ace this round.
    22. I don't care if you can do some crazy ass leap in the air...we've already established that the leggy, haughty, mock-English girl look wins here. Girl on the left.
    23. I see what they've done here: Put the same girl in twice and hoping I won't notice. Sorry, girl on the left in the green wins hands down. Cute, perky, Sandy Duncan meets Shelley Long vibe there.
    24. Is this the maternity wear round? Tough competition from MILF on the right, but little blonde on the left wins.
    25. You'd think there was no contest here but you're wrong: Girl in the little inserts wins.
    26. Easy to win if your only opponent has been cut in half. Still, the main girl would win most of the other rounds.
    27. Shelley FTW again, mainly because one of her opponents wore plaid flares. Bad choice.
    28 & 29. So not fair! I have to choose? What makes it worse is that two of the three appear even cuter in the photo below. OK, I'm going to play the "hey, it's the 70s" card and date all three.
    30. Still not an easy choice. Brunette in the middle just edges it. The strawberry blonde is hamming it up too much.
    31. Stroking her chin, makes her look intelligent and chic. She wins.
    32. Girl in red on the right (is it Shelley AGAIN?) can't bear to look at you. Girl in the middle is a bit worried you're here. Girl in green on the left however....hello!
    33. Gloria Hendry look a like in the middle is a strong contender, girl on the right looks like she's stepped off the set of Irwin Allen's City Beneath the Sea, perky one with the strawberry blonde hair looks fun. She wins.
    34. Again, that ginger girl with the centre parting is exuding warmth and friendliness...she wins.

    You know, despite some outfits on display (mostly the flares and the tank tops) everyone is a winner here.

    1. Beaten by the girl in the tiny insert. Ouch! That's gotta sting for girl in 25.

    2. Yes, but she wins in #34.

  5. I was never a fan of those styles. They came right after the Mod trend, more conservative. Then disco and nose candy came into play, the styles jumped the shark and style took a dark turn. Nick from facebook

  6. as tres são lindas!!Marcos Punch.

  7. I have some sense in how they determine a Sears Best in appliances or tools...what's the criteria for fashion?

  8. I miss the double knit look !

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