Mini Skirt Monday #182: Reading (Part III)

As if the year-long hiatus never happened, we're rolling right into Miniskirt Monday #182: Reading. This one's about.... well, girls in miniskirts reading.  Alas, I'm not going to deliver up 100+ minis as in days of yore, but I think you'll agree - even one mini makes a Monday a little brighter.  Enjoy.

Do you think there's even a remote chance this dude is thinking about what's in that book? 

Another guy pretending to care what's in the book.  When a teenager is that close to a miniskirt, all cognitive functions cease.

I've cheated a little bit in this post - it's not just girls reading, but gals in libraries as well.  These library ladies seem to have had a bit of difficulty covering up for the camera - always a danger with the mini.

It's a shame these old photographs are often so grainy and B&W.  I presume that's a highlighter and not a tampon, but with this degree of graininess, you just can never be too sure.

For you youngsters out there, that thing in the background was called a "card catalog".  They were full of cards which contained text written by a device called a "typewriter".  Little known fact: all card catalogs smell exactly the same.  

Ummm... errr... I was just looking for a book down this aisle.... nevermind, I didn't need the book anyway.... (shuffles away)

In an 80s movie, she loses the glasses, gets new "cool" clothes (which she tries on during a peppy musical montage), and suddenly she's smoking hot.

Another gathering of library help - this troupe had better luck covering up for the camera than the last.

I'm a big fan of the miniskirt (as you probably gathered), but I firmly believe that teachers should not be allowed to wear them.  I know it sounds unfair, but the male students' education depends on it.  (Recall what I said about cerebral shut-down)

Truly I say unto you - 70s chicks in long socks and saddle shoes are hot. 

More guys operating only on their hypothalamus pretending to read.

The anonymous note says: "Believe it or not: In 45 years, this moment in time will be viewed on computer screens by tens of thousands of people across the world."

The photographer said, "Pick any book and pretend to read. Perfect."  (click)  Little did Alice know, that random book of lesbian poetry would change her life forever.

Youngsters - I'm talking to you again.  The girl in the chair is holding something called a "newspaper".  They were loud, made your fingers black, dads used it to hit the dog.

You can't see it, but these men are medically brain damaged right now.  Not to worry, once the minis are gone, their cortex will return to normal.

You know this is staged.  The white girl is helping the oriental girl with her science - that simply doesn't happen in nature.

Not only would contact lenses be a possibility in a few short years, but glasses that actually look somewhat remotely decent as well.  There's hope for you, miss.

Sweet Lord.  Seeing as we probably can't top this, we'll end here.  Until next time.



  1. Things are pretty sad in my life right now...but seeing this really is a nice surprise. Thanks Gilligan. Any word on the horseshack redemption?

    1. My life hasn't exactly been a cakewalk lately either. Here's to hoping Retrospace can bring a tiny bit of joy to both of our lives. (raising glass) Cheers.

      As for the Horshack Redemption, that'll be coming back as well. Stay tuned.

  2. I thought I hadn't seen any contributions from you on Flashbak for a while and I guessed you'd be back here uploading new material and, lo, it came to pass.

    Now, back to the photos. The second library group shot. Take a look at the short guy in the back row, looking shiftily sideways. Three words are in his mind: Target rich environment.

    1. Most men would be sweaty and overwhelmed in his position. Not this guy. He's assessing his surroundings and he's going the distance.

  3. As a librarian, I approve of this post. Well, as a man I always approve of any miniskirt post, but minis and books is easy win.

  4. Losing Mini-Skirt Monday gave me the time to confront my lifestyle. I started to get out more. Exercise and good diet became regular habits. I lost weight. I made new friends and discovered there was a new golden age of television taking place. I finally got around to writing the short fiction stories that had always been incubating in the back of my brain. The new me even realized a pancake dream come true! All I can say is...welcome back! You had me at "As if the year-long...".