Pancakes #15: I Predict Pancakes

It's been a while since we had our last serving of pancakes, so let's go back to the basics.  We've done pancake books, catalogs, and coloring books.... but let's go back to our origins - the batter, if you will. It's time to see, once again, if we can predict pancakes.  Let's sharpen our pancake predicting expertise on a few social encounters from the 1970s-80s and see if we've let our skills atrophy over the break...

[Note: This is a kind of a re-post.  I had this up for a couple days back in March and Google Adsense had me take it down (no nudity, but I guess it's a little too sleazy).  Now that I don't use ads on Retrospace, I figured I'd re-up it.]

She's just kneeling on a couch beside a couple.... what's the big deal?  I think it may be her outfit that's making my Pancake-Sense tingle.

An innocent gift exchange?  Methinks there may be more than gifts being exchanged in the near future.  I think this table is set for a pancake dinner.

I simply love what she's done with the place - that houseplant in front of the wicker shelves is just delightful.  Her tasteful sense of decor tells me this may be just a harmless offering of wine - just being a gracious host.  He may have pancakes on his mind, but I'm not convinced an order is forthcoming.

But wait...

We've obtained a photo from earlier that day, where our hero found this girl at a nearby cafe.  Clearly, she wants pancakes with her coffee... I think he may be in luck after all.

Just some scotch enjoyed among friends.  I don't see any compelling proof that pancakes are on the menu.  Of course, my skills have been dulled by months of neglect - am I missing something?

I think the thing she's doing with her tongue is a clear signal that pancakes will be forthcoming; however, I don't know who'll be the lucky recipient - the girl or the dumbass getting a shampoo.

This one seems almost too easy, but let's not be too hasty.  He's just taking a picture, that doesn't necessarily mean pancakes are around the bend.  But then, this is the 1970s, and that pushes this easily into the realm of guaranteed pancakes.

Okay, close your books.  Time for a pop quiz.

Times up.  If your answer included his silver jacket, his checkered pants, and her insanely short skirt, you are correct.  This is textbook pancake attire.  Learn to recognize it.

Let's follow these charming ladies into the next room to see how things evolve...

Time to try some clothes on.  The way the salesperson is looking at her, means assured pancakes.  And I'll wager Mr. Silver Blazer will be making a return appearance.

Just three good friends having a drink.... should we be so jaded to assume this has to escalate to pancakes?  Can't guys and girls just be friends?..... I think if you look at the faces of these two guys, you'll have your answer.

Ah, yes.  Good times.  Just havin' fun dancin' and livin' the dream.   No reason to assume pancakes will be popping by.

Actually, if it's during the disco era, I think it is safe to assume pancakes will always be popping by.   Back then, you were always at risk of spontaneous bursts of pancakes.

One does not simply pay a visit to the home of these fellas and expect to walk away without pancakes.

Looks like maybe he's getting a little overly flirtatious.  This was supposed to be a quiet tea by the fire.... but that blue shag carpet says otherwise.

This next picture illustrates one of the many reasons why Pancake Prediction is such a useful skill...

This poor lady's Pancake Prediction skills are obviously lacking.  She makes a bold pancake gesture, only to be surrounded by disapproving stares.  The guitarist might be game, but his girlfriend's look definitely is one of pancake veto.

Well, we've demonstrated that having a good eye for pancakes can be useful.  If only there were a way to make money at it.

Oh, yeah. Never mind.


  1. Oh my God. Pancakes are the best. I'm so glad they're back. These are particularly hilarious. Now, just waiting on the next installment of Foxy Ladies! Maybe... scream queen foxy ladies?

  2. I don't think the two guys answering the door are interested in that lady's pancakes - or any lady's pancakes.

  3. Eighties porn featured insanely overdressed women with more lingerie/undergarments than Queen Victoria. Or so I heard "The 700 Club".

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Re:Just some scotch enjoyed among friends.

    The (used!) red candle is a dead giveaway that pancakes are about to be served.

  6. I don't get the plaid pants and silver jacket combo. Flock of Seagulls meets Eddie Bauer?

  7. Pop quiz: The silver jacket, plaid pants guy seems to be saying to the lady behind the desk, "This is my pancake partner/girlfriend Bambi, as my style consultant I would like you to do the same thing for her that you did for me. Work your stylin' magic on her."

  8. Second to last photo:John Belushi ,in a toga, is just out of camera range preparing to SMASH!

  9. Who wears cowboy boots with gym shorts and a polo shirt? And his friend is wearing some kind of rolled-up baggy mom shorts. Bad fashion.