The Groovy Age of Travel #9: Tokyo 1961

I picked up this old brochure ("This Week in Tokyo, March 27, 1961) from an antique store and found it to be a pretty cool memento from the groovy age of travel.  Lots of ads for cocktail bars, nudie shows and posh hotels.  The swingin' jet setters that were traveling to Tokyo were livin' the dream... and to think, we had dropped two atomic bombs on them just 17 years prior!

From p.13 "The Talk of Tokyo this Week & Every Week"

"A huge wooden statue of the goddess Benten, dedicated to nonfertility will be erected in a new tourist center near Ofuna Station on the Tokaido Line... One of the mysterious powers reputedly held by this goddess is the ability ot prevent childbirth.  All that the woman who doesn't want children as to do is to rub the female organs of the wooden statue and this is supposed to prevent birth."

Not yes, but hell yes.  To have been in that Mermaid Bar in 1961 is to have truly lived.  

This is pretty risque for 1961.  I imagine American businessmen had quite a time in Tokyo - lots of steaks, cocktails, and strippers.

A lot of the advertisements for the clubs promote their "exotic floor shows".  I don't if that's code for more strippers, but it was definitely a thing in '61 Tokyo.

Perhaps my favorite line in this entire brochure: "As desired, our girls will be good parners for your sightseeing in Tokyo."   I wonder what that could mean?

A tiny bit odd that they didn't use a Japanese chef to illustrate this ad.  Trivia of the Day: Ajinomoto is currently the world's largest aspartame (remember NutraSweet?).

"The airline that treats you like a maharaja"

A good way to end.  I could use a glass of Dewar's myself right about now.  Cheers.


  1. Aji-no-moto is MSG - monosodium glutamate

  2. Why have roast beef at home when you could have it in Tokyo?!