Vintage Reads #53: What I've Been Reading

Man, this was a disappointment.  With a cover like this, you'd think Ghoul Lover (1972) would be the greatest book of all time (and I'm not saying this sarcastically).

I was on a long flight with long layovers, but I didn't mind - I had Ghoul Lover in my computer bag, and it was going to be okay.... or so I thought.   I'll spare you the synopsis - suffice it to say, it was like a Hammer movie with all the excitement and boobs sucked out.  Insert some overblown astral projection mumbo jumbo and too much jibba-jabba about ancient texts and SCIENCE (all caps intended), and you've got yourself a boring-ass book with a kick-ass cover.  The best part was a full color advertisement for TRUE menthol cigarettes in the middle.

The Child Player (1980) is about a chick who escapes from a mental institute and starts a'killin'.  It's not scary at all, and doesn't contain even a hint of originality, but I still had fun reading it.  Unlike Ghoul Lover which seemed pretentious, as if the author thought it was surely destined to be a gothic classic, The Child Player wallows in the gutter and I'm fine with that.

If felt like an episode of Columbo or Kojak at times, but with a generous supply of ultra-violence.  It would've made a decent grindhouse movie.

I haven't read this yet (I just picked it up a couple weeks ago).  My wife actually had this book back in the day, and the "fantastic full-color centerfold-out" is well remembered...

Back when Travolta was cool.  Back before the alien clothing, facial surgery, massage parlor groping, and mansion with an airplane runway.

And here's another book adapted from the big screen currently on my reading list...

 Man, the CB craze was just out of control in the latter part of the Seventies.  Note the CW McCall "Convoy" reference in the title blurb.  And, surprise surprise, there's an advertisement for a CB on the back cover.  It just doesn't get much better than this. Screw Ghoul Lover, I'm about to put the "hammer down".


  1. Ahhh, Realistic. The mark of quality for my old man. If radio shack sold it, he had one or wanted to get one. Shame they're kaput. Good memories. I remember the SNF fold-out too.

  2. Is "Ghoul Lover" supposed to be based on the story of Carl von Cosel, the fellow in Florida who had a morbid obsession with a dead woman?