Cinema #37: Comedy Movie Poster Art

Up the Creek (1984) - "Who says a bunch of boobs can't win a race?"
I love these old comedy movie posters from the 1960s- early 1980s.  There was some pretty decent artwork involved, and a healthy dose of wink, wink, nudge, nudge naughty humor as well - a winning combination.

Rather than look at the entire posters, let's just stare in awe at the illustrations.  But don't worry, I'll provide the title and tagline. Enjoy!

The Statue (1971)
"Dedicated to the proposition that all men are NOT created equal."

Basic Training (1985)
"The Army put them through hell. Until they found a little piece of heaven. Basic Training: You can do it in the Army".

Drive In (1976)
"There's nothing but action at the drive-in. And some good stuff on the screen too!"

Meatballs III (1986)
"Rudy struck out two summers in a row.  This is his summer to score."

Dirty Tricks (1981)

Not Now Darling (1975)
"It's the funniest affair seven people ever had!"

Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid (1969)
"Booze, Banks and Broads. They had their hands in everything!!"

Spaced Out (1981)
"An outrageously funny, sexy romp through intergalactic space"

The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio (1971)
"It's not his nose that grows!"

Happy Hour (1987)
"Let the party begin!"

Hollywood Air Force (1986)
"The Hollywood Air Force is ready for everything... except combat!"


  1. "It's the funniest affair seven people ever had!"

    So, three of the people on the poster had had funnier affairs?

  2. That Pinocchio poster is one of the creepiest looking things I've ever seen.

  3. The more lurid, chaotic and saucy the poster is, the lamer the comedy will be.

  4. Agreed the posters are great but I never even heard of most of these movies.

  5. True story - I went to the mall cinema with my girlfriend in the 80's but we arrived after the movie we wanted to see had already started. I saw the poster for "Up the Creek" and said "Oh, this looks funny, let's see this" I PAID MONEY TO SEE IT. Yeah, I am idiot.

  6. Jack Davis--often imitated, never duplicated!