The Retrospace Podcast Archives

There aren't any new episodes here, but it made me sad that all those old podcasts have died a horrible death (thanks, Rapidshare).  Well, a few of you have requested that I resuscitate these dead links,so I've uploaded a bunch of them again.

If you're not familiar with these old podcasts, take note that these are just music and random retro-commercials, trailers, etc.with no talking (as in the Horshack Redemption)  - sort of a heavenly hash of retro-audio off the beaten path.

Who knows - maybe I'll do some more of these.  In the meantime, enjoy some recently resurrected podcasts from yesteryear...

Click the episode numbers to download.  Warning: The Surgeon General says these podcasts may cause flashbacks, déjà vu, and pink eye.

Episode 9

Vintage Elevator Music
I Spit on Your Grave (1978) Trailer
"Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Clip from the Three Mile Island Disaster
Password game show theme
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
vintage bumper music
"Balls to the Wall" quote by The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jana
“Swamp Fever” from the 1972 porno film Fantasy
Clip from Sixteen Candles
“The Equalizer” TV series theme
“Kid Dynomite” clip from “Good Times” TV show
70s bumper music
Bob Hope zombie movie quote
“If” as sung by Telly Savalas
Six Million Dollar Man toy commercial
"Ski Ride" from the Barbarella soundtrack
Anaconda Malt Liquor
Theme song to Dirty Harry
"Joe Cool" by Vince Guaraldi from a Charlie Brown TV special

NOTE: Sadly, I couldn't find all the episodes.  Take a moment to bow your head for a moment of silence in honor of our missing (but not forgotten) episodes.

Episode 11

Music from the 1970s Italian sex comedy Sesso Matto
the Dark Crystal trailer
Theme song to "Taxi"
Quote from Murder by Death
Burger Chef Star Wars poster advertisement
"Menage a Trois" by The Bob Crewe Generation (1976)
Foxy Brown trailer
Authentic seventies elevetor music
Schoolhouse Rock - "I'm Just a Bill"
"Don't play with yourself" clip from Smokey and the Bandit
"Eastbound and Down" by Jerry Reed from Smokey and the Bandit
Clip from "All in the Family"

Episode 12

Intro (taken from an Elvis radio spot)
"Home Is Where the Hatred Is" by Esther Williams
Star Wars radio commercial
Ban deodorant radio commercial (performed by H.P. Lovecraft)
Schlitz commercial with John Wayne Gacey trial news clip
"Afternoon Delight" by The Starland Vocal Band
Orson Wells radio commercial for the Alan Parsons Project
Closing theme for "The Zoo Gang" by Paul McCartney
Quote from Robbie the Robot (Lost in Space)
The Dukes of Hazzard Theme by Waylon Jennings
Burn-O-Matic In Car Heater commercial for drive in theaters
"Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man" by The Hubbels (1969)

Episode 13

Sex Pistols radio spot
"Citizen Freak" by The 49th Parallel
Mr. Drysdale and Ms. Hathaway (The Beverly Hillbillies Album)
Theme song for "Fish"
Uncle Buck's 5 Year Plan
"Viva Knievel" title song
Clip from the movie Airplane
"Psychic Vampire" by Space Opera (1971)
Pigs in Space (The Muppet Show)
Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries TV theme
Clip from Black Dynamite theme
Comment from Statler and Waldorf (The Muppet Show)
"Unpack Your Adjectives" Schoolhouse Rock

Episode 14

generic 70s background music
quote: Roddy Piper from They Live
Young Nurses radio spot
"Houdini Said" by Gilbert O'Sullivan
Mr. Kotter joke
Underdog theme song
The Brady Bunch singing group promo
Laverne and Shirley theme
Disney's The Misadventures of Merlin Jones radio commercial
"It's Alright to Cry" by Rosie Grier from the Free to be You and Me soundtrack
Quote: Chet from Weird Science
"Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" by The Carpenters

Episode 15

Evil Knievel Anti Drug Speach
"General Hand Grenade" by Trooper
Six Million Dollar Man TV promo
PSA on gift receiving etiquette by the Shangra Las
Fonzie teaches Mork about kissing
The $10,000 Pyramid (original full version) with the following clips cross faded in:
Spicoli is high (from Fast Times at Ridgmont High)
Ms. Pac Man contest on "That's Incredible" TV show
"My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel" After School Special
Rare version of the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century theme with lyrics
The Otter Defense from "National Lampoon's Animal House"
"X Ray Eyes" by Kiss (from the Dynasty album)

Episode 16

"Not available on 8 track" commercial sound clip
Intro (from an Elvis documentary)
"The Rapper" by The Jaggerz
The Beatniks sound clip
Love Boat Theme
"Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" by Leonard Nimoy
radio profanity warning
"Too Many People" by Paul McCartney
George McGovern on Vietnam
"Gigantor" theme song
"Throng" by Nick Ingman with interspersed movie quotes

Episode 17

Includes a douche commercial, a hippie tune by the Velvet Fog, The Walton's theme, Jed's ode to Jethro BoDine, and a Gerry Rafferty closet classic

Episode 19

Elvis clip
Sunday Afternoon in the Park- Van Halen
Nothin' but a Heartache - The Flirtations
Hula Rock - lew howard all stars (clip with sound bites)
George Burns clip
Police Woman theme
Convoy - CW McCall
William Shatner clip
clip of Porn music (from the "Deep Note" collection)
One Toke Over the Line - Gale and Dale on The Lawrence Welk Show

Episode 20

Podcast includes material from Superfly, The Beatles, Hardcastle & McCormick, Todd Rundgren, Angie (TV show), and various commercial announcements.

Episode 21

No tracklist available

Episode 22
Halloween Episode

"Night Gallery" theme (7 seconds only)
Halloween III TV promo
"Cthu Thlu" - Caravan
"Visiting Hours" movie Radio Spot
"Horror Movie" - Skyhook (1975) - (portion of song only)
Woolworth Halloween radio commercial (1978)
"Kolchak - The Night Stalker" TV theme
"Halloween" soundtrack clip (1978)
"Werewolf" - Gary Warren
"H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N Spells Halloween"
Bobby "Boris" Pickett WCOP Boston radio spot
"The Munsters" TV theme
Clip from "Young Frankenstein"
"Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde" - Serge Gainsbourg
Clip from "Scary Spooky Stories" LP 1973
"Rosemary's Baby" theme as sung by Mia Farrow
"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" clip

Episode 25


"Tomorrow's People" (abridged) by McDonald & Giles
Quote from the movie Warriors (1979)
Incidental music from Jason King TV series
Mike Douglas Show introduces guests
Match Game clip
"I Don't Believe in Miracles" by Colin Blunstone
Colgate commercial
Over the Edge (1979) trailer
"Circle 'Round the Sun" by BJ Thomas
Schoolhouse Rock: Conjunction Junction
US Army commercial
The Green Machine commercial
"Dy-no-mite" by Tony Camillo's Bazooka (abridged)
Welcome Back, Kotter clip
"Flying" by Badfinger

Episode 27

Margaret Whiting - Good morning Mister Echo radio commercial
Mork and Mindy TV theme
Drive-In commercial
80s radio intermission
"Roller Derby Queen" by Jim Croce
"Miss World '66" by Syd Dale
Long John Baldry radio spot
Partridge Weiners commercial by The American Breed
"Disco Accordion" by Myron Floren
Six Million Dollar Man TV theme
James Brown radio spot
"Mr. Muscles" by Carol Ventura
Weet Bix commercial (Australian)
Rick Nelson radio spot
"Skateboard" by Jefferson Starship

Episode 28

Dating advice from The Shagri-Las w/ Goblin - Suspiria
Happening '68 clip
Muriel cigars "Pick one up and smoke it sometime"
ABBA's "Waterloo" (French Version)
Star Wars radio spot
Hong Kong Phooey theme
Kidd Video TV them (1984)
"Everybody Needs a Proper Education" by Mikey Dread (Dread at the Controls vinyl rip)
Disneyland "soda time dance"
1976 Aussie radio segment w/DJ
"Up Up and Away" clip from The Sounds of Jack Downes
Fall Guy TV theme
"Peace Pipe" - BT Express
Elevator Music - "Summer Sunny Holiday" (fade out)

Episode 29

Anton Valotti - Spiro
Max Harris - Hang Loose
'CHiPs' theme
Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue
Andre Ceccarelli - Gang Process
Van Halen - Sunday Afternoon in the Park
'Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries' theme
George Martin - Baron Samedi's Dance of Death (Live and Let Die OST)
Brass Ring - the Dis-Advantages of You
Link Wray - Viva zapatas
Walter Wanderly - Summer Samba
[clip: Frankly Fiona movie]
'The Girl from UNCLE' theme
Hugo Montenegro - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
John Cameron - Mustang Part II
'Break the Bank' theme
[record store radio commerical]
Meco - Star Wars

Episode 30
Dirty Music

Captain and Tennille - You Never Done It Like That
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?
Lil' Johnson - Hot Nuts (Get 'em from the Peanut Man)
Paul Nicholas - Heaven on the Seventh Floor
Jim Croce - Five Short Minutes
Dick Dagger's Theme  (from Dick Dagger's Big Dick Dilemma, 1973)
[clip from Frankly Fiona]
Cramming For College (from Cramming For College, 1973)
Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
Nice N Sleazy Does It  (from If it ain't Easy it ain't Sleazy, 1972)
Connie Allen - Rocket 69
Andrea True Connection - More, More, More
Her Magic Carpet (from Donna Does Denise, 1974)
The Grass Roots - Naked Man
Laying Pipe (from Plumbers Delight, 1974)
SpiderPussy (from SpiderPussy 2: Caught in the Web, 1976)

Episode 31
Boogie Wonderland

Harp Boogie II - Captain Beefheart
Spirit of the Boogie - Kool & the Gang
The Roller Boogie - Bob Esty
Baby Sittin Boogie - Buzz Clifford
Bertha Butt Boogie - Jimmy Castor Bunch
Shotgun Boogie - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Rock and Roll Boogie - The Easybeats
Gonna Burn My Boogie Shoes - The Raes
Blame it on the Boogie - Mick Jackson
I Can't Turn the Boogie Loose - The Controllers
I'm Your Boogie Man - KC & the Sunshine Band
Move Your Boogie Body - Bar Kays
Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste of Honey

Episode 32
Music for the Maypole

Come All Ye - Fairport Convention
Home - Bert Jansch
Maypole - The Wicker Man OST
Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
Black Leg Miner - Steeleye Span
Willow's Slong - The Wicker Man OST
Songs from the Wood - Jethro Tull
Black Fjord - Kaleidoscope

Episode 33
TV Themes

One Day at a Time
Charlie's Angels
Banana Splits
Mary Tyler Moore
Hardcastle and McCormick
NBC Sunday Mystery Movie 1974
Tic Tac Dough
The A Team
The Mod Squad
Too Close for Comfort
Six Million Dollar Man
Simon and Simon
Chico and the Man
Laverne and Shirley
Sledge Hammer
The Partridge Family
Wonder Woman
My Three Sons
Match Game
Barney Miller
Mork and Mindy
Siskel and Ebert at the Movies
Facts of Life
Fernwood 2Nite
Land of the Lost
James at 15
Department S
WKRP in Cincinatti
The Equalizer

Episode 34
Halloween Episode


The Haunted Strangler radio promo
Spooksville - The Nu Trends 1963
Disco Halloween (1 min clip) - Forbidden Fruits 1986
Halloween end theme - John Carpenter
Hey Ho for Halloween = BBC4 promo 1993
Ai margini della follia (Dawn of the Dead ost) - Goblin
Ave Satani - The Omen ost
Astro Zombies radio promo
The Headless Horseman - Bing Crosby with Vic Schoens Orchestra and The Rhythmaires
Werewolf - Five Man Electrical Band 1974
Im Gonna Haunt You - Fred Schneider
Dracula A.D. 1972 main theme
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein radio promo
Soul Dracula - Hot Blood
Phantasm main theme
The Mummy's Ball - The Verdicts
Horror Movie - Skyhooks
Scooby Doo - The Ohio Express
Vampira - Bobby Bare
Boris the Spider - The Kords
Kolchak the Night Stalker TV theme
The Fog main theme - John Carpenter
Horror of Dracula radio promo
Shudders and Screams - Ben Colder
Trick or Treat (Halloween ost) - John Carpenter
It's Halloween - The Shaggs 1969
The Witch Queen Of New Orleans - Redbone
Dracula's Theme - The Ghouls 1964

Episode 35

UFO -   Geoff Love and His Orchestra
Girl - Tuca
Peaceful - Helen Reddy
Reggatta de Blanc - The Police
Space Age Whiz Kids - Joe Walsh
Unpack Your Adjectives - Schoolhouse Rock
Mary Skeffington - Gerry Rafferty
Anachronisme - Kameleon
Who's the Boss theme
Love Alive - Heart
Right On - Sons of Slum
Dream - Earth and Fire
Let's Go to San Francisco - The Flowerpot Men
Fireball XL-5 theme

Episode 36

Gather in the Mushrooms - Benny Hill
Be Black - Grady Tate
Morning will Come - Spirit
The Laughing Gnome - David Bowie
Jack and Jill - Ray Parker Jr.
Animal House clip
Black is Black- Black Dynamite OST
The Ballad of Batman - Campers
Fiberglass Jungle - Crossfires
Monty Python Spam clip
We Don't Talk Anymore - Hammond All Stars (abridged)
Like A Virgin - Big Daddy (abridged)
Crocket's Theme - Jan Hammer, Miami Vice OST (abridged)
Candida - Tony Orlando and Dawn
Take Three Girls theme - Pentangle
Wandrin Star- Lee Marvin
Stay - Oingo Boingo
Dance the Kung Fu - Carl Douglas
Star Trek theme - Van McCoy
Are You Being Served, Sir? - John Inman
Lucky Man (coda only) - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Episode 37

Ed McMahon - Beautiful Girl
Gary Wright - Fascinating Things
Bernard Cribbins - Right Said Fred
Geoff Love and His Orchestra - Barbarella
Keith Moon radio spot
The Jackson Five - Got To Be There
Sebastion Cabot - It Ain't Me Babe
Harry Nilsson - Down
Hart to Hart theme
Tim Curry - I Do the Rock
Bel Aires - Mr. Moto
Carl Douglas - Witchfinder General
The Five Blobs - The Blob
Albert Hammond - I'm a Train

Episode 38

Silver Spoons theme
Pass the Dutchie - Musical Youth
Let's Go - Eurythmics
Perfect Strangers theme
Stories of Old - Depeche Mode
19 - Paul Hardcastle
Benson theme
White Lines - Grandmaster Flash
Let's Go All the Way - Sly Fox
Sledge Hammer theme
1999 - Mike Flowers Pops abridged

  • Lessons in Love - Level 42
  • Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung
  • This is not a Love song - PIL
  • Everthings Gone Green - New Order
  • Pump Up the Volume - MARRS
  • Little Girls - Oingo Boingo
  • Ghost Town - The Specials
  • TJ Hooker theme

Episode 39


Kinks - (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (1979)
Johnny Wakelin - Black Superman - Muhammad Ali (1974)
Björn Skifs/ Lars Samuelsons Orkester - Superman (1971}
Commodores - Superman (1975)
Neil Merryweather - Sunshine Superman (1974)
Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch - Superman (1977)
Gruppo Sportivo - Superman (1977)
Maureen McGovern - Can You Read My Mind (Love Theme from Superman) (1978)

Episode 40

Diesel - Sausalito Summernight
Gil Scott-Heron with Brian Jackson  - The Bottle
Wombles - Remember You're A Womble
Steely Dan - The Fez
Don Rickles - Speaks!
Kiss - Talk to Me
Father Abraham - The Smurf Song
Paul Williams- Flash
Johnny Pate - Brother On The Run
The Babys - Every Time I Think of You
Snoopy - Its All In The Bible
Bellamy Brothers - If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
Cheech & Chong - Up In Smoke [NSFW]
Johnny Guitar Watson - Real Mother For Ya
Jimmy Castor Bunch - King Kong

Episode 41

Dilinger - Cocaine In My Brain
Bread - London Bridge
Leonard Nimoy - Music to Watch Space Girls By
Trooper - Roller Rink (abridged)
Mistral - Starship 109
Klaatu - Doctor Marvello
Ray Moore - O My Father Had a Rabbit
M.A.S.H. - Suicide Is Painless
Greenfield & Cook - Easy Boy
Justin Wilson - Sweater Girl
Stories - Words
Barry White - Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
Verrill Keene - Velvet Waters
Caravan - Golf Girl
John Denver - The Eagle and the Hawk

Episode 42
Terrible Tunes


El Clod - Tijuana Border
Nick Noble - The Bible Tells Me So
Mills Bros - Beaver
Davy Jones - Rainy Jane
Mr. Walkie Talkie - Be My Boogie Woogie Baby
Senator Bobby - Wild Thing
Triple S Connection - My Cherie Amour
Sounds Of Sunshine - Love Means (You Never Have To Say You're Sorry)
Everything Is Everything - Witchi Tai To
Moms Mabley - Abraham, Martin And John
Alfred E Neuman - Its A Gas
Cabot, Sebastian - Quit Your Lowdown Ways

Episode 43

Hot Blood - Soul Dracula
Philadelphia International All Stars - Lets Clean Up The Ghetto
Stockard Channing  - Look at Me, Im Sandra Dee
Gary Wright - Give Me The Good Earth
Ranking Dread - Marijuana Soul
Kiss - Almost Human
Donna Lynn - My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut
Syd Dale - The Riviera Set
Gerry Rafferty - Where I Belong
Schoolhouse Rock - My Hero Zero
Bee Gees - Night Fever

Episode 44
Science Fiction

The Jetsons Theme
Van Mccoy -  Theme from Star Trek
Monty Python - The Galaxy Song
Ran-Dells - Martian Hop
Dr. Who Theme
Klaatu - Dog Star
Schoolhouse Rock - Interplanet Janet
Leonard Nimoy - A Visit to a Sad Planet
Inter Galactic Touring Band - Space Commando (1976)
Kiss - 2000 Man
UFO theme
The Space Walkers - Apollo 9
Meco - Star Wars Theme /Cantina Band


  1. thanks for re uploading these gems

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  4. These have inspired me to try my hand at a podcast mix.

    1. Let me know when you've got one up - drop a link in the comment section here.

  5. AnonymousMay 13, 2015

    Excellent stuff here! Thanks for providing these. I'd like to point out that the links for "Episode 21" and "Episode 22" both link to the .mp3 for "Episode 21", which is a real shame because I'm a big fan of the "Night Gallery" theme. Any chance you can correct that?

    1. It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.