Catalogs #39: Argos Catalogue Babes (1982-1989)

In our previous installment, we pretty well established that Argos babes were every bit as foxy as their American counterparts at Sears and JC Penny (despite the lack of a proper lingerie section). But in the eighties I think you'll agree the Argos folks kicked things up a notch.

As before, each example will include a "zoomed out" scan of the catalog pages and then a "detail" of the foxy catalog mama therein.  Enjoy!

Argos No. 18 1982 Autumn - Winter

I just love this picture. 

"Touch Wood" indeed.

Argos No. 20 1983 Autumn - Winter

This apparatus looks a little dangerous. 

I don't remember Sears and JC Penny going the full monty.  Score one for Argos.

Any guesses as to who that is on the cover of LOOK?

God, I'd love to see this demonstration.  I don't remember Sears and JC Penny girls modeling the fitness equipment in bikinis.  Score two for Argos.

Argos No.23 1985 Spring - Summer

This one deserves a second look.  

Is it safe to declare Argos the winner yet?

Argos No.25 1986 Spring - Summer

Argos No.30 1988 Autumn - Winter

Argos No. 32 Autumn - Winter 1989 


  1. Dang! you gotta love the executive lean machine in the attaché case. You know just out of frame he has one of those yellow discs on his nuts. Ahhh... tingly!

    1. The Pifco Deep Heat Massager (sixth image from the top) was known to give a similar pleasure. So I've been told . . .

  2. Argos No. 25 1986 Spring / Summer, the 6th pic down. That must be one of those "dual acting" shower heads based on her reaction. I admit that the Argos catalogs showed more skin. Still I'm biased towards our Sears and JCP catalogs from that era.

    Gilligan, If you don't mind, I'd like to play off of that theme in my next post at the KathyLoghry.Blogspot (in a good natured way of course.)

    1. Yes, please leave a link to your post in a comment - we'd love to check it out.

      And, I agree, nothing compares to the gals of JCP and Sears; it's just hard not be gobsmacked by the gratuitous nudity.

    2. Great! It'll be published Monday morning! Should be fun!

    3. Hey, Gilligan, I published my post. You can find it at http://kathyloghry.blogspot.com/2015/05/sizzlin-sears-swimsuits-part-7.html


  3. Good Lord, that first image - that means Snuggies & Slankets aren't anything new! ARG!

  4. AnonymousMay 18, 2015

    Did Argo have a clothing section? These pages seem to be more like Service Merchandise catalogs rather than Sears or JC Penney.