Magazines #42: 1970s Soldiers Magazine (and the Monthly Soldiers Babes)

Here is the June 1972 cover of Soldiers magazine, the "Official U.S. Army Magazine".   And here is this month's Soldiers babe ...

Each month featured a full color picture of a chick for the military to drool over.  They were never naked, but it's still almost incomprehensible to imagine these days.  An official army publication with scantily clad ladies in every issue?  That's sexist!

Anyway, here are the covers to some issues published in the 1970s, with the issue's corresponding Soldier babe.  Enjoy.

Aug 1972

I looked Eve Bruce up on IMDb - not much to say.  She was in Far Out Space Nuts and an episode of Love, American Style.. so, that's something.  She was also barely in Cactus Flower (1969) and a movie I'm dying to see: Love Machine (1971) with Shecky Green, David Hemmings, and John "Danger Diabolik" Phillip Law.  

Oct 1972

It's funny - I was just talking about Angel Thompkins on an episode of The Horshack Redemption in our review of Prime Cut

Nov 1972

Jan 1973

Patricia Wright was Miss March 1966... it seems this army magazine was a little behind the curve in selecting their monthly hotties

Feb 1973

The "black soldier" doesn't seem real happy.  So glad they captured that zit on the cover.
Miss May 1972 - at least this time it's not six years after the photo was taken.  It's still blowing my mind that Playboy centerfolds made it into an official military periodical. 

June 1973

Chris Cranston was Miss April 1971. In 1977, she was a winning contestant on The Match Game.  I'll bet the lecherous Gene Rayburn slobbered all over her.

Oct 1973

Feb 1974

Nice miniskirt. You'll be soon seeing it on a Monday I'm sure.

April 1974

Miss February 1966.  A bit of controversy with Melinda, as it was claimed in a local paper that she lied about being in UCLA and was not enrolled.  Read more.

May 1974

April 1976

Does her expression look like a cry for help to you?

July 1976

A worthy choice for the bicentennial issue.

Sept 1976

Don't understand this shirt at all.  Pro Life, compliments of Ole Timers..... WTF?

Nov 1976

Oh so very exotic.

Dec 1976

Merry Christmas!

Feb 1977

I just had to include this fish back cover.... so strange for an army rag.

Miss March 1976.. sister of Janice Pennington and one-time wife of Shaun Cassidy.

May 1977

Sept 1977

Oct 1977

Nov 1977

April 1978

May 1978


  1. That truly captivating blonde in the Jan 1973 issue is Priscilla Wright, not Pat or Patricia. I wonder why they got it wrong. Probably didn't have a great staff.

  2. yeah, kind of weird for a solder's magazine...

    enjoyed this - thanks

  3. Great 60s-70s ladies as usual. In the September 1976 issue, the 49ers' middle linebacker staring into the picture and at Oilers' quarterback Dan Pastorini is Frank "Fudgehammer" Nunley. He would retire after the '76 season.

  4. Fascinating.
    I'm sure Uschi Digard appeared at least once. It was '70's law, wasn't it?

  5. AnonymousJuly 31, 2015

    Can you tell me where to find more back issues of this magazine? The Soldiers website's archive only goes back a few years. Thanks!

  6. My name is Diane Truell and I noticed that you did not include the pin-up photo of me for the Sept. 1972 issue. I would love to be included and would like to send the picture as I am very proud of being a part of the magazine.