Needlework A-Go Go #35: Spinnerin 1968 "Varied and Versatile"

You know I'm a sucker for the needlework booklet; I'll take it any day over the elite fashion magazines.  And 1968 was a good year for fashion: it still had that classy look holdover from the early part of the decade, but with a bit of the young generation's shagadelic mojo to make things interesting.  Let's have a look through a single catalog from that year - the Spinnerin "Varied and Versatile: Featuring Versatile Yarn" booklet.  Enjoy!

As great as '68 fashions were, the high hemlines hadn't swept the States yet.  Although the mini had already been the rage in the UK for over a year, it would take a little time for US skirts to climb well above the knee.

It's hard to believe that these bright colors would be "out" in just a couple years in favor of the 70s earth tones.  The Great Browning of America was just around the corner.

I googled "Amundson's Cape Crystal" with no luck.  Anyone?

And that's the end of it.  I will add that yours truly is getting a brand new scanner this week which I am very excited about.  Like the Six Million Dollar Man, it will be "better, stronger, faster" and it's got an extra wide scanning area (so I can scan those bigass magazines with ease).   A whole lotta scanning will be coming your way soon!


  1. The next to the last picture with the yellow tights reminded me of a girl I dated in my senior year of high school, 1986-1969. I knew her the previous year but didn't pay much attention to her until she came back after summer vacation wearing a short skirt and bright orange tights. Wow.

  2. The seventh picture down foreshadows what is around the corner with the brown dress incorporating a hue of orange and harvest gold and the other dress being harvest gold. Good times ahead (well, behind us now but ahead for the girls in the picture).