The Horshack Redemption #25: Super Soul Brother (1979)

This week, your humble hosts Gilligan and the Professor take on Supersoul Brother, a blaxploitation flick from 1979.  But before diving in to this low-budget goldmine of "1970s-ness" and bizarre filmmaking, we roll our Top 3 Douche Bags of Cinema. Take a listen!

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This episode's screen caps are a bit below par; alas, I don't have Vinegar Syndrome's newly released DVD, and had to rely on a shit VHS copy.  Even so, here are a few images to give you a feel for what we're dealing with in Super Soulbrother....

The awesome Benny Latimore concocts a plan to take a wino and turn him into a super-hero in order to steal a safe.

His partner in crime, Jim (Lee Cross) is all in.

You know who else is all in?  This guy...

Peter Conrad plays Dr. Dippy; the scientific mastermind behind the whole affair.

Latimore wines and dines his wino guinea pig (played by comic Wildman Steve), even setting him up with a French Maid prostitute.

But Wildman Steve only has eyes for Dr. Dippy's lovely assistant, Peggy.  They are soon making sweet, sweet love.

It takes 50 minutes to finally get there, but eventually Steve is given the chemicals which turn him into the "Six Thousand Dollar _"

Soon, the heist is on.  Steve's superhuman strength enable him to easily carry a safe out of the jewelry store.

Both the Professor and I agree - "saleswoman #2" may be the worst actress in cinema history.

The safe is stolen.  Steve and Latimore collect the booty (trust me, Steve collects a lot of booty in this film).

Good ol' Peggy comes to Steve's aid, informing him that the chemicals he took guarantee he will self destruct in 7 days!

She steals chemicals which will act as a neutralizer and save her man.  Will they work? Who gets to keep the stolen jewelry? And what becomes of Dr. Dippy?  Listen and find out!

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