Vintage Style #41: Journal Magazine (April 1971)

A handful of pages scanned from the April 1971 issue of Journal.  Enjoy.

If I walked into a room and saw this before me, I might be a little bit frightened.  Just back away slowly.

Gingham saturation levels reached.

What in God's Holy Name?

And finally, the Farmer's Daughter look...


  1. voiceofthe70sMay 30, 2015

    Interesting to note that amid the recipes and "Liz and Dick" gossip in this innocuous women's magazine there is a "holy grail mystery" article tucked in there. And this is decades before "The DaVinci Code" and the like. It's a good example of the pervasive mysticism one could find everywhere in the 70s. There was a great searching feeling going on. One could walk into any bookstore and find tarot cards, I Ching, etc. Magazine racks were full of magazines, some of them one offs, about UFOs, meditation, ESP. Likewise paperback book stands were full of books on such topics.

    1. Very true. They were coo-coo for the occult in the seventies. I've done many a post on this cultural phenomenon. Great observation.

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2015

    I do not think I am correct but is there any chance that the cover model is a young Ann Turkel (Ravagers, Modesty Blaise, various tv shows)? Thanks.

    1. I looked in the magazine and it doesn't name the model. It is, however, the same model in the pink gingham at the table. That could totally be her, but can't verify. Good eye.