Cinema #38: Hick Flick Posters

We talked about redneck cinema before on Retrospace via VHS covers and a comprehensive list of as many films as I could think of (with lots of additional suggestions from commenters).  Back in 2009, I even mused on the popularity of the genre.  It is interesting phenomenon - the insatiable lust for lowbrow in the 1970s.  But I'll refrain from repeating myself, and deliver up a bunch of hicksploitiation movie posters instead.  Enjoy!

"Hot Rods... Hot Lips... and White Lightnin'!"  The perfect hick flick tagline.

Starring Miss Arizona 1972 and Miss USA 1972, Lindsay Bloom (below)

You may also remember Bloom as the secretary in The New Adventures of Mike Hammer (1984) TV show which I religiously watched (for some unaccountable reason).  She was also in H.O.T.S., Texas Detour, Cover Girl Models and a shit ton of 1970s TV show appearances.

A lot of these hick flicks like to involve an unlikely pairing of blue-collar hero with a fairly well known actress.  Thunder and Lightning (1977) did it with David Carradine and Kate Jackson and Convoy did it with Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw. Here Coast to Coast employed the trope with Robert Blake and Dyan Cannon.  None of these worked particularly well.

I include this to acknowledge that hick flicks were by no means exclusive to the 1970s.

Starring Kristy McNichol, Dennis Quaid and Luke Skywalker.

The Johnny Paycheck song wasn't just a hit single in the seventies; it was damn-near our nation anthem.

Marjoe was everywhere in the 70s, then he just dropped off the face of the earth.

"Eastbound and Down" will always be my favorite hixsploitation single.

"Introducing Carla Ziegfeld as 'Hotwire'" - I looked up Carla and she never acted in another film.  This and The Worm Eaters from a couple years prior are her only acting credits.  Interestingly, she turned up on an episode of Judge Judy in 2009 as a plaintiff whose son was injured with a BB gun.


  1. Oh god, I have such a hard time watching Marjoe Gortner. He's just such a freak. Him hollering "yaaahoooooo!" in "Pray for the Wildcats" was the most face-punching moment ever put on film.

  2. Kristi McNichol sure got all growed up!

  3. I've seen more of these than I care to admit.