Just For Laughs #10: The Hipster Coloring Book (1962)

Hipsters aren't exclusive to our own day and age; they roamed the earth in the late 50s and early 60s.  They were a totally different animal back then - a swingin' bachelor with a penchant for the broads, expensive hi-fi stereos and martinis. Let's have a closer look at the early 60s hipster and walk panel by panel through The Hipster Coloring Book found in the November 1962 issue of Cavalier magazine. 

Who from Mad Men does this most remind you of?  I'm thinking Peter in the first season.

Oh, the bachelor pad of the early 60s swingin' gent - this was livin' the dream.  The economy was booming and the world was one big gentlemen's club.  I picture either Mel Torme or Enoch Light playing in this living room.

The hippies think they invented free love and casual sex.  No daddio.  The hipster was first on this scene.

Oh, damn.  The hipster bachelor pad is no place for a proper chick.  You either get to swinging or you get to leaving.

Now this is more like it.  She's got toothpaste, so that means a long night of shagging.

The hipstermobile must have a built-in bar - preferably just like Dino's in The Silencers

Okay, what's playing on this hi-fi?  I'm thinking Steve Lawrence, Esquivel, Stan Getz, or Les Baxter.

No meatloaf and casseroles for this cool cat - that's for squares.  He's getting his dishes down at the Tiki lounge.

You'll remember Dino's similar boudoir in The Ambushers.  This is the American Dream pure and simple.

She didn't dare utter the "M" word within the sacred walls of the bachelor pad - this will not stand.

Oh the humanity!  Get this chick in a cab quick; there's still work to be done.

And they lived happily ever after, ya dig?


  1. Ahhhhhh........days of my youth!

  2. "The hippies think they invented free love and casual sex. No daddio. The hipster was first on this scene."

    The hipster may have preceded the hippies, but "free love" has antecedents in the late 18th century Englightenment, and even earlier like the Cathars and even the Essenes, if you wanna go there. But definitely the Enlightment. Blake, Shelley, Byron, Wollstonecraft, her daughter Mary Shelley ... the hipster was a piker compared to Lord Byron.

  3. Dig. Except I'd say it was anyone but Pete. He was more the cotillion-going type of nancy boy. Not hip at all.

    1. You're right. I guess there's no one on the show that perfectly fits the swinger stereotype. Harry tried, but he was too late to the game and too awkward. Paul before he went off the deep end maybe?

    2. Yeah, maybe pre-robes-and-sandals Paul. Roger seems pretty hipster/swinger at certain points in his life.

  4. Another great post Gilligan. Where do you get this stuff?

  5. This is awesome. Can I use it on my blog? It's in polish. Of course I will link to your website.