Magazines #45: Family Circle (Nov. 5, 1985)

Here are some pages from the November 5th, 1985 issue of Family Circle magazine - starting with a testimonial from a bunch of dudes on what fragrances they like.

Harry the art director says,"I like light florals in summer; heavier, sweeter scents in winter." Whereas, David the food editor just likes his ladies to use soap.

I love the fashion advice for the big interview.  Which one gets the job? (The numbers in parentheses correspond to the ladies above:)

First, the definite no-no's. Slacks (4) are totally unacceptable—much too casual. Just as big a mistake is overdressing. They caled (5) "right for a party, not a job."

Next out was (1), another "too casual" look for someone hoping to land a position with a top-level executive. And even though (2) is "coordinated and appealing," it falls just short of being businesslike.

The most impressive looks? Suits (3) and (6) are "trim" and "professional," but (3) won because it is "less of a formula suit" than (6). Also, the dress-for-success image of (6) seems more appropriate for a managerial than an assistant's position.

Remember Sun Flakes?  Suffice it to say, it was never a favorite.

She is utterly beaming with pride and self-confidence in her new Bend Over® pants. After all the Bend Over® pants prevent "bunching and puckering", so there's a lot to be happy about.

Yep.  Panty Hose still existed in the United States in 1985.  When did it officially die?  Not sure, but the end was definitely right around the corner.

I'm sure Masters of the Universe fills some of you with a truckload of nostalgia; however, I was a few years too old too appreciate the toys when they came out in 1982.

An awesome time capsule for what was on shelves in 1985:

A Goonies storybook
Victoria Principal trying very hard to look like Jane Fonda
Stephen King's Thinner and Pet Semetary are offered
The Life And Hard Times Of Heidi Abromowitz - a dirty little book by Joan Rivers
A Prince & the Revolution book as well as a Dynasty book
A bunch of books rated X
And one called E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet (?)

One of these days I'm going to a post just on Virginia Slims advertisements; the changing fashions throughout the decades would be interesting to see chronologically.

There are few Halloween-centric pages in this Family Circle.  Unfortunately, there's one about Garfield - a comic I cannot stand.

You know how I feel about clowns.  This is nightmare fuel.

Umm.  I don't put plastic wrap in a microwave - have I been missing something these past 30 years?  I always thought you'd be adding a pinch of polyvinyl chloride if you did.  Clarification please.


  1. I like a musky scent. My wife doesn't. Still, we're happily married.

    Could you get away with calling pants Bend Over today?

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2015

    I need to get me some of those business suits. They are a good look

  3. The death knell for pantyhose was probably the mid-90's with full blown near extinction coming sometime around '00/'01. They're still on the endangered species list but the resurgence of tights seems to have given them a little bit of a longer life. If anyone could save pantyhose it is probably the hipsters, but if it has to be them are pantyhose really worthy of being saved?

  4. The death of pantyhose also coincides with the rise of flip flops. I work in a big city, and I cannot tell you now many times I see women wearing flip flops with their business attire on their way to work. I'm sure that they change into their work shoes when they get to the office. I don't get it though....they provide no support, are uncomfortable and lets face it...no matter how nicely you are dressed, the flip flop can take your outfit from chic to hillbilly.