Mini Skirt Monday #189: Laverne & Shirley Minis (Seasons 7-8)

The last few seasons of Laverne & Shirley had a respectable amount of miniskirts in each episode - which isn't too surprising since it's supposed to take place in the late sixties.  Most of the minis come courtesy of Laverne (Shirley rarely wore them).  While not on the top ten list of 70s foxes, Penny Marshall still rocked the mini.  Let's have a look at some scenes from seasons 7-8...

The gang at Laverne's family business - the rather gross Cowboy Bill's.  Lenny and Squiggy like what they see.

Laverne learns espanol whilst wearing a very short lemon miniskirt.  Gilligan approves.

The Big Ragu has come to see his lady. I love how they kept the Beatles picture on that wall season after season.

Carmine and Shirley announce the big news and Laverne does an embarrassing faint.

Carmine's tempted.  Must resist. Must stay strong.

Shirley's wedding in the hospital.  Laverne, as usual, stays true to the mini.  Meanwhile, Shirley, for whatever reason, almost never.

Laverne and Shirley in contrasting hemlines.  Let's face it, Cindy Williams was phoning it in the last few seasons.

Here comes possibly my favorite miniskirt scene in L&S history...

Laverne's dad is running for councilman.  At the campaign headquarters, Squiggy spots a girl putting up a poster.

Not being the shy type, Squiggy steps up to the plate.

The move pays off, and Squiggy and this girl end up an item.  Unfortunately, this was the second-to-last episode, and we never see her again.

This and the next few are actually from Season Six; in an episode titled "Child's Play" where Shirley puts on a low budget theatrical production of Mother Goose.  Hilarity ensues.

This part actually blew my mind.  While Laverne isn't wearing a miniskirt, she isn't wearing panties either, so I thought it deserved mention.  Laverne's costume is see-through, and Shirley actually makes a comment that it's a play not a peepshow.

I'm sure she's wearing a body stocking underneath; but I must admit, I found myself looking close to be sure.

Same episode with Laverne as Little Red Riding Hood.

I enjoyed the L&S California years; however, it did get rather silly.  It probably was around a few years longer than it needed to be..... of course, then we would've missed Rhonda in her Little Bo Peep costume, and this amazing scene from Season 8....

Carmine has to take Squiggy's sister to Rhonda's party; unfortunately, it's wall to wall foxes in miniskirts.  Lucky for the viewer, unlucky for Carmine.

I've got several miniskirts to share from this special episode (Season 8, Episode 19, "How's Your Sister?".  One chick after another wants a taste of the Big Ragu.... but he's stuck with Squendolyn.

Rhonda introduces a friend of hers. If I had the time, I'd like to look each of these girls up on IMDb.

At one point, Carmine just picks up a miniskirted lass and just bear hugs her randomly.

Squendolyn is the jealous sort, and Carmine is caught in the middle.

Caught in the middle yet again.  His balls must be twenty shades of blue.

I'll leave you with this image from the party.  Good Lawd.

Back to Laverne...

Shirley has a dream which fills the entire episode - sort of an exaggerated soap opera.  Not funny at all.  Rhonda plays a French Maid, but, frustratingly, you never get a clear look at the mini.

One of the precious few scenes of Shirley wearing a miniskirt..

The couple gets startled by Frank DeFazio and we almost get an eyeful.

Angelica Huston and her adulterous husband.  In typical sitcom fashion, his wife and mistress (Laverne) are at the same restaurant.  Whatever will he do?

In a rather funny scene, the adulterer accidentally knocks Laverne into the lobster tank that's situated right by his table.

Laverne makes quite a scene in next to the married couple in the tank.  A super bright light was obviously added to the tank floor to keep things somewhat modest.  You'd have to watch the episode to see what I mean; suffice it to say, we'd see a lot of Laverne were it not for the conveniently censoring lighting.

Laverne is trying to deflate a pool toy by basically humping it - much to the delight of a customer. It's amazing how raunchy the show could get.

In an out-of-nowhere bizarre moment, Laverne is basically raped...

I think it was supposed to be funny, and the fat guy rapist was probably intended to be regular comic relief.  Let's just say it didn't work out.

Rhonda annoyed most people, but I think she was under-utilized.

I don't know that I've ever seen such pronounced headlights on a sitcom before.  How did Jeff Goldblum not get distracted?

A better look.

Laverne is looking for a new roommate.  Julie Brown comes to apply.  Remember her?

Marshall will never be up there with Farrah, Somers, Bach, and the other stone cold foxes of the 1970s.  But, as I said, she wore the miniskirt well, and deserves much respect from fans of the high hemline.

Here's a few more of Laverne.  Cheers!



  1. I always thought Laverne was WAY better looking than Shirley, but the show was just to silly to watch.

    Way worse than "Happy Days".

  2. Ahhh, I can't think straight... too much legginess.

    Speaking of legs, Laverne is putting on a leggy clinic in this post.

  3. I was always a Shirley Feeney man myself--until now! Wow what a peepshow!!

  4. I did skip a lot of the California episodes, but are you sure that isn't Laverne that Carmine is wrestling with? It sure looks like her hair. I thought there was one time when they got the hots for each other when Shirley wasn't on the show, and they tried pairing up. I could be mixing up episodes.

    And allow me to say this: Laverne's dad was the worst, most annoying, horrible person on TV. Urkel had nothing on him. Carmine was right up there too, especially when he sang. Ugh. Shut up!

    1. That's definitely Shirley and Carmine. As for Frank DeFazio - dear God he was intolerable. And yes, Carmine's "makin' it" storyline, almost unwatchable.

  5. AnonymousJune 29, 2015

    shirley was hot!

  6. AnonymousJuly 14, 2015

    no body stocking Penny was too honest for that

  7. The original episodes had way better leg shots before Paramount edited them.

  8. AnonymousMay 26, 2016

    Bring them back as old itinerant homeless teaming up again to survive ?