Mini Skirt Monday #190: Sci-Fi Minis

Captain's Log, Stardate 43125.8. Our mission: to explore the vast expanse of space and travel to the remote edges of time in a search of miniskirts.  Should we find them, we will record their existence for the betterment of mankind. It is only because of the gravity and importance of this mission that I'm willing to put this ship and crew at great risk.

It's time to explore high hemlines, to seek out short skirts, to boldly go where no pants or slacks have gone before.  Engage power - lift off!.

I think we have enough evidence from science fiction to prove that miniskirts are in our future, or at least in distant galaxies. We've established this on Retrospace on more than one occasion.

On our Star Trek minis post, we showed without a doubt that minis are going to be the uniform of choice.  Of course Star Trek TNG ruined that promise shortly thereafter, so there's still room for doubt.

The Logan's Run TV show and movie illustrate a world where this is the ONLY type of clothing worn by women.  Heather Menzies' miniskirt IMHO stands as one of the greatest examples. 

We've also explored the Buck Rogers TV show which had more than its share of babes in miniskirts. 

But these aren't uncharted regions - we've explored these already.  Let's have a look at Lost in Space... 

Judy Robinson's purple miniskirt was simply amazing.  What child of the 70s didn't enjoy this outfit in reruns?

There's an episode where Judy gets entered into a cosmic beauty contest which shows that she's not the only space gal in a short skirt.

And, of course, there's Penny.

Another uncharted territory is Project X (1968) starring Greta Baldwin....

Greta rocks various sci-fi minis throughout the movie.  A shame she didn't go on to do other films.

Here Great is in a room full of micro-miniskirts.  

Captain Kirk's head would explode if he entered this room.

Well, we could linger on Greta all day.  Time to move on. We have a mission to complete.

Before there even was a Miniskirt Monday, back in September 2008, I actually explored the sci-fi miniskirt topic.  So, I've been down this road before, but I thought it needed an update.

The old Flash Gordon actually had Dale in a micro miniskirt.

In 1958, we had the Zza Zza Gabor classic Queen of Outer Space....

This movie provides definitive proof that the cosmos are inhabited by humanoids in short skirts.  (Note that the image at the top of this post is also from this film.)

Anne France's super short miniskirts in The Forbidden Planet (1956) is one of the most iconic sci-fi minis; truly a landmark in establishing the miniskirt as the go-to attire for space chicks.

Of course, that same year other minis were populating the cosmos in Fire Maidens from Outer Space:

And who can forget Gabrielle Drake's silver mini on UFO?  Granted, the Moon Maiden's attire of choice was a sparkly unitard; they still let us know from time to time that the miniskirt is a staple in the sci-fi universe.

Let's not forget Deanna Lund from Land of the Giants.  (We'll overlook the fact that she married Larry King)...

Connie Stevens in the Jerry Lewis sci-fi comedy Way... Way Out (1966)

Japanese sci-fi also supports the Cosmic Law of Miniskirt Preeminence 

From Mexico - Planet of the Female Invaders (1966)

While shows like Quark and Starmaidens support an alternate theory that hotpants are the dress of choice, there's enough evidence of miniskirts over the decades to prove otherwise. Flight to Mars, one of the finest examples of sci-fi minis, dates all the way back to 1951...

We've discussed movies and television, but other sci-fi media also supports the idea of miniskirts being the default attire for ladies throughout the universe...

Well, we could go on for eons, but it's time we return to Starbase with our findings.  Not to worry, I'm sure this will require a follow up mission and I'm counting on you to be at the controls with me.  If you have some evidence of your own - please leave a link in the comments.  Made the Skirts be with you.


  1. I can't wait for the future, when all women will be sexy & wearing miniskirts!! I'm a little surprised not to see Nichele Nichols here--that's the only Trek miniskirt I was ever interested in, but those purple-haired chicks in UFO are what sent my puberty into overdrive :) Great Miniskirt Monday!

  2. Very glad to see the early examples as it is indeed evidence that the time-traveling aliens were communicating with costume designers (probably subconsciously or telepathically) and letting them know what to expect in the future.

  3. That 2nd shot of Greta reveals that those slabs must be cold. Yowch! (Or it could be darts sewn into the bustline, but I'll make a ruling that it isn't.) BTW, small typo under that photo calls her "Great" instead of "Greta". But either name could be correct, really. :)

  4. AnonymousJune 23, 2015

    lol @ "I can't wait for the future, when all women will be sexy & wearing miniskirts!"

    Wilma Deering had my phaser on stun for many, many years. Great post!

  5. Project X (1968) could have been pared down into a really good episode of the original Twilight Zone. I re-watched it just recently and I could see how that would work.

  6. ....and you missed out "City Beneath The Sea" with Stuart Whitman.

  7. I saw one of Anne Francis' dresses from "Forbidden Planet, and one Farah Fawcett wore in "Logan's Run", in an exhibit at Seattle's Science Fiction Museum. Not only were they short, but they were very tiny. (Size 0? I don't know about that stuff, but they do seem smaller than any adult I know in real life.)