Needlework A-Go Go #36: 1966 Cables and Raglans

Found this buried on a shelf in a flea market in Lake Charles Louisiana.  While I'm sure somebody out there has scanned this and put it on the internet, it still feels like I've rescued another throw-away knitting booklet from the dustbin of history.  With so many great photographs of '66 fashions, it would be a shame not see the light of day - and so here it is...


  1. Yowch! Some very dishy dishes in there, especially the front cover chick. She looks like she's about to say, "just let me put Sally to bed, feed the cat, and then I'm going to light your pipe, pour you a Scotch, strip slowly, and show you the time of your life."

  2. Some models look very dated, but the last photo could almost pass for today save for that white fuzzy whatever.

  3. Totally Awesome man!! And all from LC La. A small piece of the past preserved for future enjoyment - excellent!