Viva VHS #16: Hong Kong Box Art

Thunder of Gigantic Serpent
So, I came across this catalog for IFD videos and was so smitten by the garish cover art, I felt the need to share.  I'm no expert in this genre, but I can tell you IFD was a Hong Kong production company that churned out some amazing batshit crazy flicks in the 1980s.  Their IMDb resume lists some badass titles for films I've never seen: Inferno Thunderbolt (1986), Bionic Ninja (1986),
Concentrational (!) Camp for Girls (1986), and Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu (1982) to name a few.  And here is some glorious cover art that accompanied these videos. Enjoy!

Battle for the Treasure

Challenge the Ninja

Cobra Against Ninja
Crime Target

Crocodile Fury

Dark Day Express

Fatal Command

Golden Ninja Warrior
Mad Move

Magic Emerald

Mission Dynamo
Ninja Champion
Ninja Kill
Ninja Operation 7: Royal Warriors
Robo Vampire
The Spy Inferno

The Ultimate Ninja

Top Secret


  1. "Robo Vampire"???

    I think I've seen the Mother of All Ripoffs!

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2015

    I predict a Kickstarter campaign to remake Crocodile Fury.

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2015

    Only if the movies were as good as the posters. I think someone has a helicopter fetish. Nick

  4. The "Dark Day Express" guy has some sort of triple-barrel shotgun with a grenade launcher on the side in an over-middle-under-to-the-side configuration.

  5. AnonymousJune 07, 2015

    I would watch these movies based on the the titles alone, but seeing the box art puts me on a quest!