Tech #31: ColecoVision Magazine (Winter 1984)

Dear God, could they have picked a nerdier looking kid?  Anyway... my family became proud owners of an Atari back in 1982; but we never made the leap to ColecoVision.  My neighbors had it (hell, one even had an Intellivision), but mine was an Atari-only household until Nintendo reared its ugly head in 1988 - and with it Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

Here's a very thin magazine that may appeal to some of you who owned a ColecoVision; a few sample pages are below...



Double Feature #5: Her Face!

The two movies in our Double Feature tonight have almost identical plots: a woman is disfigured and in order to be restored to her former beauty, she will need the face of a victim.  It's a disturbing concept, but it's been repeated a surprising number of times - most notably in Eyes Without a Face (1960).

Tonight's double bill: The Blood Rose (1970) and Faceless (1987).  Enjoy.


The Vintage Home #19: Better Homes and Gardens (1972)

Can't you just see this recliner on The Price is Right, as a Barker Beauty caresses its luxurious upholstery? Fast forward ten years, and this once-loved, once-proud Stratalounger sits unwanted in a Goodwill or by the street curb, smelling of Pal-Mals.

That's the story when it  comes to home furnishings - when they're nice and new, you can't comprehend the thought that they might one day look embarrassingly out of date.  Here are some pages from a November 1972 issue Better Homes and Gardens; advertisements of new additions to the home that could never possibly look out of date...


Mini Skirt Monday #193: I Dream of Jeannie - Season 5

We've covered Jeannie before in a one of the more popular, most visited Miniskirt Mondays - Number 80.  So, we could easily leave it at that and feel we've covered it sufficiently; however, Season Five is so mini-centric, that it demands more attention.  My only regret is that it took four years to happen.

We can't cover the whole season in one post.  So, we'll divide it into two parts.  For each episode, I'll deliver the mini pics and some basic story points to put the miniskirts in context (for those who care).  Enjoy!

Ads #75: Fanny Face

I came across this in an old After Dark magazine (Vol 08 No 10, Feb 1976) and simply had to share the Fanny Face advertisement.  I'm just blown away on so many levels: from the goofy guy in the photograph, to the very idea of it.  Words fail me.


Wonder Woman - S2E1

Remember when Retrospace was traveling through the Wonder Woman series, episode by episode? This site took a hiatus, and so did the WW posts.... well, Retrospace is back and now so is WW!  I've had a few requests to resume the project, and am only too happy to get it started again. We made it through 7 episodes of Season 1; but rather than pick up exactly where we left off, we're going to start with Season 2.

The second season was a big change for the WW series.  ABC declined to renew, and CBS picked it up, but no longer had it set in the 1940s. This not only made it cheaper to produce, setting it in current day (1977) allowed it to hit the current pop culture trends (ex. disco).  A lot of people consider this move a big step backward; however, I feel WW got a super seventies makeover that was pure dynamite. Let's start with episode one, shall we?


Vintage Men's Mags #41: Adam (1963)

I've scanned a good deal of pages from this gem from '63.  For easier reading, I've, as usual, copied the text into the post.  There's some really good stories in this one that I think you'll enjoy.

Although this is a men's magazine akin to Playboy, it's pretty tame, and I've left most of the cheesecake out (wouldn't want to get flagged).  So, it's mostly SFW, although you some of the artwork is a little risque. 

We'll start with the issue's first story "Raincheck" by Marco Messina.  It's told in that old school Raymond Chandler fashion.  Messina has a flair for the lingo and it makes this short tale of a hardboiled reporter and a dame that's a real tough cookie "tough, with no part of cookie in it"  a really enjoyable read.


The Boob Tube #50: Benny Behaving Badly

Let's face it, Benny was always behaving badly.  That's why, forty years later, we still love him. Never above making a fool of himself, never above a cheap laugh, and never above getting a little randy - how can you not love Benny Hill?

Of course, as the decades have pressed on, we've become more "enlightened", Benny Hill's humor has been branded as un-PC, and Benny gets typed as a pervy old man.  A bum rap if you ask me.

Anyway, I just watched several episodes from the early seventies and found them extremely enjoyable.  After a long day's work, how better to spend it than with a quick laughs and bawdy jokes. I've captured a few moments of Benny misbehaving just to spread some Hill-love.  Enjoy.


Magazines #47: SPY (May 1988)

Here is a 1988 issue of SPY magazine.  If you don't remember, SPY was kind of like National Lampoon, but not as funny, not as irreverent, and so-very of its time - the late 1980s.  Still, it's worth a browse.

I've included some sample pages below - advertisements and pictures I found interesting. Or, you can download the whole shebang.  Either way, enjoy!



Mini Skirt Monday #192: Minis and Male Bystanders

It's funny to look at an old photograph that is just popping with miniskirts, and then check out the expression of any nearby males.  Sometimes they look terribly uncomfortable, like they're breaking out in sweats trying to stifle an erection... and other times, like the gentleman above, they just look happy to be alive.  To have been a young adult male in the early 70s is to have lived the dream.

Vintage Style #43: Celebrating Roundness - Bathing Suit Fashion Spread 1950

Here's an article from Holiday magazine (June 1950) titled "1950: A Nice Round Figure" - a fascinating look at the fashion mindset of the day.  Bikinis are "out" and thick round figures are "in".

The caption for the photograph above says it all:
Definitely not for the meek are these two "Tarzan's-mate" suits made of leopard-print cloth. On the left, a brief sharkskin lined with jer­sey. Right: a strapless leopard nylon-velvet suit with mid-calf length paneled skirt. Recommended only for girls with Miss America figures.


Double Feature #4: She's Back from the Dead and Wants Revenge!

Hellgate (1989) / Steel and Lace (1991)

Tonight's Double Feature presentations have a lot in common: Both feature a woman wronged by a bunch of lustful psychopaths, then brought back to life to enact revenge.  In the case of Hellgate, she is brought back from the grave by her father who possesses a magic crystal.  In Steel and Lace, the victim is brought back by her mad scientist brother. And both films feature former-celebs - Hellgate has Ron Palillo (Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter) and Steel and Lace has David "I'm a Pepper" Naughton and Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley.  Enjoy!


Kid Stuff #19: Electric Company Magazine (1975)

Have you seen an episode of Kojak lately?  It's wildly inappropriate for children - not just in adult themes, but the intrinsically mature nature of the entire show: the pacing, the dialog, the content,... the complete lack of anything that would ever appeal to a young child.  It never ceases to amaze me how we Gen Xers were fed such adult oriented shows and glommed onto them, buying Kojak records and Starsky & Hutch lunchboxes, etc.

But I digress.  Today we have a full scan of an Electric Company magazine I owned, dating way back to 1975.  This isn't the same copy (mine no doubt found its way to a trash can many decades ago).  You'll excuse the graffiti throughout; however, I find the scribbles by some anonymous 70s kid adds a bit of charm..

Download a PDF of the entire issue here.  Or, read on...


Vintage Scan #37: Variety (January 11, 1984)

What an odd bunch of pictures for Universal to be touting - I haven't heard of or seen several of them: Slayground, Crackers, Under the Volcano, Stick, Tank and Comfort and Joy?

Of course, there's a few gems in here: Sixteen Candles, a movie I never tire of, and Repo Man is a cult classic.

Check out some more pages from this entertainment trade magazine from January 1984 - it's interesting to see films and TV shows marketed towards distributors and not towards audiences as we're used to seeing.

Double Feature #3: She's Possessed!

Tonight's Double Feature is two films featuring chicks possessed by evil spirits.  You've seen The Exorcist and The Conjuring, but have you seen Haunting Fear (1990) or Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (1974)?  Get your popcorn and holy water ready - it's showtime!


Vintage Scan #36: Parade (March 21, 1971)

Any Seventiesophile has to admit these Parade magazines are solid gold.  In this issue we have meteorologists wondering if we are entering a New Ice Age.  Also, scientists agree - motherhood is ancient history.


Double Feature #2: Italian Sex-Coms

Today's double feature consists of two Italian sex comedies: There is a Ghost in My Bed (1981) AKA C'e Un Fantasma Nel Mio Letto and Secret Fantasy (1971) AKA Il Merlo Maschio.


Vintage Scan #35: Ice Follies 1970

Behold the over-the-top gaudy glitz of Ice Follies 1970.    I recently came into a stack of of these programs and they are just too good to keep to myself. Let's have a look at the first of many more to come...


Mini Skirt Monday #191: Minis on Ladders on TV & Film

We all remember the scene in The Naked Gun where Priscilla Presley climbs up a ladder and Leslie Nielsen comments on her nice beaver.  The scene is poking fun at a well-worn trope: the girl climbs up a ladder, and BOING! the guy is struck with a view up her skirt.  It's comedy that Benny Hill would be proud of: both humorous and slightly risque.

It seems like I've seen this played out a million times on both the small screen and the big; however, I can only come up with a few worthy examples.  I'll walk you through them below; but, you have to promise to offer examples of your own.  Four scenes in the history of broadcasting and cinema is woefully incomplete.  Supply some more examples and we'll have a part two!


Double Feature #1: Private Dicks

Tonight's Double Feature is two movies featuring main characters who are parodies of the old film noir gumshoe detectives (a la Raymond Chandler and Humphrey Bogart): Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) and Reservoir Cats (1968) AKA The Kill.

But, before we start, a quick word on what a Retrospace Double Feature actually is....


Magazines #46: Young Miss (March 1974)

We've got an article on "How to Talk to Boys", an essay on what's wrong with teenagers these days, some other Young Miss odds and ends, but first the requisite tampon ad...


Retro Film Report #48: Sessomatto (1973)

Sessomatto (AKA How Funny Can Sex Be?) is a hilarious (albeit tasteless) Italian sex comedy in nine parts. No real nudity to speak of; however, the content of the stories are pretty risque. The reason to watch is the two actors who star in all nine parts: Giancarlo Giannini, obviously a comic genius, and Laura Antonelli who is a stone cold fox, and pretty funny as well.

Now, I don't speak Italian, so I was definitely at a disadvantage for picking up humor that I'm sure got lost in translation.  Even so, I found it extremely enjoyable and laugh-out-loud funny at times.  Sure, it wanders into bad taste, but it's still an interesting and different sort of comedy than what's delivered on the big screen these days. And I'm all for trying something different.  So, let's have a look at the nine acts....

Artful Conception #27: The Star Wars Pose (Part 2)

Give the man in the picture above a lightsaber and suddenly it's the iconic image of Luke Skywalker with Princess Leia at his feet.  We explored this theme very briefly a few years back.  Upon further scrutiny, the "Star Wars pose" is probably not the best title for this artful conception.  Sure, the imagery of a hero with foxy maiden helpless at his feet was given a familiarity boost with Star Wars, but this sort of theme had been on fantasy book covers years before the film was ever released.

A more apt title might be "The Frazetta pose" since the artist Frank Frazetta really took this theme and made it his bitch on countless fantasy covers.  The Conan series in particular made frequent use it, as did the GOR series.  My personal fave is either the Kiss album Love Gun or the movie poster for National Lampoon's Vacation, but that's neither here nor there.

So check out another round of Conan/Frazetta/Star Wars (or even James Bond for that matter) poses.  Enjoy.