Ads #75: Fanny Face

I came across this in an old After Dark magazine (Vol 08 No 10, Feb 1976) and simply had to share the Fanny Face advertisement.  I'm just blown away on so many levels: from the goofy guy in the photograph, to the very idea of it.  Words fail me.


  1. Who doesn't want a mustache ride?

  2. AnonymousJuly 26, 2015

    After Dark was kind of an unusual magazine, but a magazine very of it's time. Though you wouldn't know it from this ad, it was very specifically targeted to a gay male demographic but it never specifically said so. It identified itself only as "an entertainment magazine". It just sort of existed in a gray area while covering gay male related things in a kind of unspoken way. It was also very New York-ish. I think it may have started there as a local and then went national.

  3. Another situation where the split between American and British usage of the word "fanny" causes me much more amusement than it should.

    1. Considering the time this was offered the man could've been clean shaven and still looked like he had a full beard.

  4. His portrait was ruined after she ate that bad Mexican food.