Mini Skirt Monday #191: Minis on Ladders on TV & Film

We all remember the scene in The Naked Gun where Priscilla Presley climbs up a ladder and Leslie Nielsen comments on her nice beaver.  The scene is poking fun at a well-worn trope: the girl climbs up a ladder, and BOING! the guy is struck with a view up her skirt.  It's comedy that Benny Hill would be proud of: both humorous and slightly risque.

It seems like I've seen this played out a million times on both the small screen and the big; however, I can only come up with a few worthy examples.  I'll walk you through them below; but, you have to promise to offer examples of your own.  Four scenes in the history of broadcasting and cinema is woefully incomplete.  Supply some more examples and we'll have a part two!

The Au Pair Girls (1972)

Au Pair Girls (1972)  is known for starring future Moon Maiden Gabrielle Drake, but it's another actress, Astrid Frank, that is of interest here.  In one scene she's climbing a ladder, while an older gentleman can't help but take a look.

For the curious, Astrid Frank, visible from waist up is below.

The Partridge Family

There's an episode of The Partridge Family where Keith can't function at school because the girls are constantly mobbing him.  So, he goes incognito and keeps a low profile in the library.  But look to the right...

He starts to get a clue that he's not as undetected as he thought he was, so turns to leave and bumps into a chick on a ladder...

He looks up, and the girl is winking down at him.  Keith had such a hard life.

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968)

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968) may be the most mini-centric film of all time; it is absolutely wall-to-wall miniskirts.  One of these days I'll have to walk through it with you.  Today, however, we'll concern ourselves with only one scene in particular.

Jamie McGregor (Barry Evans) works at the small grocery store.  He's innocently stocking shelves when he rounds the corner into his boss' legs.

It's Ms. Cartwright (Lisa Evans) and she'll have nothing to do with him. Her picture is below.

The lead actress for the film was Judy Geeson, who wears her fair share of minis throughout the film.  (And gets naked at the end, in one of those rare moments like Just One of the Guys where you are completely caught by surprise).

Twisted Nerve (1968)

This is a film I haven't seen in a good while, yet well remember Haley Mills, the librarian, climbing up a ladder, much to the delight of a couple young lads.

Okay, I'm looking forward to hearing your examples.  A couple quick notes: (1) The fairly memorable scene in Cactus Flower with Goldie on a ladder features hotpants not a mini, so technically doesn't count. (2) The picture at the top of this post features Christina Lindberg, but I cannot for the life of me determine which film this is.  I can tell you it's not The Swinging Co-eds, and most certainly not Thriller: A Cruel Picture.  I'd be interested to hear if any of you recognize it.

UPDATE 7/18/15

As luck would have it, I actually just saw two films which contain minis on ladders. I figured I may as well provide the updates.

First is the Candid Camera movie What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? (1970) starring my main man, Alan Funt at his perviest. In this segment, we have a girl climbing a ladder in a miniskirt while Funt films the various guys reactions - do they look up? Or do they let her keep her modesty and look down?

It's not particularly well shot and there's an unbearable song playing in the background "Hail to the Other Guy"; so, not one of the finer examples.  The next one, however, definitely is...

The Lickerish Quartet (1970) contains a "mini on ladder" scene very prominently.

The scene involves The Visitor (Silvana Venturelli) who gets invited into the castle owner's private library through a secret doorway.  (It's a fairly artsy/nouveau film that I couldn't begin to try and explain now - just know there's a miniskirt and a ladder nearby.

I'll also mention that Silvana Venturelli is a stone cold fox.

And, as she ascends the ladder, the castle owner gets a perfect view... and again as she descends...

Truly a magical moment; a hall of fame scene in the annals of miniskirt cinema to be sure.  I think you'll agree, this was a critical update.  Now, please submit your own examples for a potential part two!


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2015

    YES! Monday comes early (lol).

  2. The last photo brings back memories of my late Primary school days back in in the mid 1970's. Although I was a bit young to appreciate the 'adult' beauty of a women's legs in a mini, I recall having a good view of my teachers attractive legs in a mini one day and I recall thinking, that is something special. Yep.

  3. 1969's "The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer" starts with one of those hoary mini-on-the-ladder scenes, but turns into a sharp comedy later. Also, Vanessa Howard, who deserves a tribute on her passing in 2010 (hint hint)

    1. I didn't know Vanessa Howard had gone!
      I agree with "The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer" Valerie Leon,Arthur Lowe and a ladder.

  4. Barbara Eden isn't exactly wearing a mini when she climbs down the ladder in to the submarine, (USS Seaview) in "The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea". But don't tell the guys that saw those legs coming down. I don't think they'll care what the skirt is called.

  5. Of course, 'Austin Powers' played with the whole '60s thing, so we have Vanessa climbing a ladder out of the underground lair in her quasi-futuristic minidress - Austin stares blankly for a few seconds before he collects himself.

  6. Great ones on this and other pages here. Always lovely to see nice Legs in sheer Pantyhose and such outfits. Keep 'em coming. thanks.