Mini Skirt Monday #192: Minis and Male Bystanders

It's funny to look at an old photograph that is just popping with miniskirts, and then check out the expression of any nearby males.  Sometimes they look terribly uncomfortable, like they're breaking out in sweats trying to stifle an erection... and other times, like the gentleman above, they just look happy to be alive.  To have been a young adult male in the early 70s is to have lived the dream.

(1) Although, "the dream" may have been a little too much to handle for some guys.  No disrespect.  The relentless parade of minis would have been a lot to deal with.

(2) The fellow in the varsity jacket seems to be handling things okay... it's the guy on the right that I'm worried about.  I know the look of someone desperately trying to re-focus when I see it.

(3) The dude in the center: he has miniskirts to his right and hotpants to his left.  Nothing ro do but say a quiet thank you to God.

(4) The black guy I assure you is well aware of the mighty mini to his left.  His dedication to not looking is to be commended.

(5) A miniskirt right up on him... possibly for the first time.  Lots of confusing feelings going on... but he's good with it.

(6) These are men of science.  They are not troubled by base instincts of your average man.  And yet, I sense a sexual tension in the room nonetheless.  Whom can it be between?

(7) Speaking of science, this is a veritable petri dish of raging hormones.  The girl in the dark dress at our left is clearly causing hormonal imbalances in the room.

(8) I'm not sure on this one.  There are two micro miniskirts to his immediate left... yet, he seems unperturbed.  What's the meaning of this?  Any ideas?

(9) I love how this guy's eyes meet the camera, as if to say, "Oh, you better believe it."

(10) I can't see his face to gauge; however, with that many minis in close proximity, and him being a bespectacled fellow all alone, I'm sure there's lots of sweating and nervous laughter on his part.

(11) The guy, front row on the left - what's he doing? Is this some sort of hand signal?

(12) The guy is just minding his own business at his table, and then he turns around  - suddenly, he's looking up a miniskirt.  That sort of thing could happen back then.

(13) He is so busted.  But now's not the time to worry about perceptions - miniskirt watching must continue at all cost.

(14) It could very well be a casual normal conversation... but that cheerleader's mini is very, very short.  So, odds are he's having difficulty staying on topic.

(15) Very clever, my friend.  I'm considering making this fellow an honorary Miniskirt Monday Hall of Famer.  Salute!


  1. A very 'cerebral' Mini Skirt Monday! Many thanks.

  2. (11) The guy, front row on the left - what's he doing? Is this some sort of hand signal?

    What the heck is Zacherley doing in the back row?

    1. WOW, Kevin, you're right! I think that is him.

    2. Fuck no... it's the dude from Moxie ...

  3. That last picture is a classic! I bet he took his time pulling himself back up. It's a war between fake struggling and spending more time in the perfect viewing angle, or pulling up quickly to look manly and impressive.

    1. Maybe just me but I'm seeing a resemblance to Stork, the character from Animal House portrayed by the late National Lampoon co-founder, Doug Kenney.

  4. The answer to #8 - He's stoned.

  5. Oh to be young again.........

    I graduated high school in 1969, and then went to a local Junior College for 2 more years, so I was lucky enough to be able to "live this dream" of minis everywhere.

  6. I remember the plaid minis...those tartans haunt my dreams...

  7. hairy girls are the best !

  8. #10 - This guy is no fool. When the girls are sitting on that narrow bench outside the school administration offices in order to get their minis measured for length above knees he just pulls out his shirt to look like a slob and joins the crowd.
    #11 - This group is just so creepy.
    #6 - Yup one of those men of science is destined to end up in a Vegas Brothel juiced up on his own lab produced con-cock-tion of pancake batter.
    Last Photo: Most of that playground equipment is now banned for being to dangerous and here I see the fool who started that trend.