The Boob Tube #50: Benny Behaving Badly

Let's face it, Benny was always behaving badly.  That's why, forty years later, we still love him. Never above making a fool of himself, never above a cheap laugh, and never above getting a little randy - how can you not love Benny Hill?

Of course, as the decades have pressed on, we've become more "enlightened", Benny Hill's humor has been branded as un-PC, and Benny gets typed as a pervy old man.  A bum rap if you ask me.

Anyway, I just watched several episodes from the early seventies and found them extremely enjoyable.  After a long day's work, how better to spend it than with a quick laughs and bawdy jokes. I've captured a few moments of Benny misbehaving just to spread some Hill-love.  Enjoy.

Even though Benny's bawdiness had by no means reached its zenith yet (that would be a few seasons down the road), this first sketch is pretty risque.  It starts with Benny having a romantic moment with his blow-up doll, when a distressed neighbor girl arrives.

Much to his disturbance, the doll stuffed under the couch makes all kinds of rude noises deflating. This is pure comedy gold.  Yes it's fart jokes... even better - it's blowup doll fart jokes.

The hippy chick at center gets her butt pinched... but who could be the perpetrator?  She blames the short guy, but we soon learns Benny's arm in a sling is fake, with a fully active, pervy arm hidden underneath.  Classic.

Several episodes later, the nearly identical gag is played.  A variation on Benny's fake-arm trick is played again.... and yet, I still laughed.  Possibly harder the second time round.

Benny has to mark with chalk the girl's measurements.  As you can imagine, things get uncomfortable, especially when he tries to use his hands to erase his markings.

Benny rescues a lady who's been disturbed in her changing room.  When he extends his hand as for a handshake, she reciprocates and her towel drops (yes, boobs could make quick appearances on the show).

A musical number where the nurses literally flash their elderly patients.  You might say, with skits like this, Benny earned his "horny old man" image honestly.  I call it good natured fun; not near as derogatory towards women as modern day comedians (and this may be the understatement of the century if you've heard some of today's comics).

Another musical number - this one has Benny's erection getting sandwiched by his accordion.

A romantic couple on a cruise ship deck, but then it hits rough water....

Benny in a deck chair goes sliding by, yanking the woman's dress off.  Dresses had a habit of coming off on Benny Hill.

The dancing contestants twirl around showing their underwear to a laughably gratuitous extent... until one loses her underwear and Benny has to stand in front and keeps the competition from becoming X rated.

Well, I could go on all night and it still wouldn't get old.  Instead, I'll pause (maybe continue with some later seasons another day) - and just say: B.H.- Retrospace salutes you.


  1. Some of the babes on his show were really good looking!

  2. When I was in London in 2000, I was walking along a block of upscale row houses near the Royal Albert Hall. One had a plaque indicating it was the former residence of B.H. I was, as they used to say, "gobsmocked," and stood there remembering him and his comedic genius. It's too bad that we'll likely never see anything like him again. His comedy was may have been sophomoric, but it was never mean-spirited.

  3. BTW...on the Palos Verdes Penninsula out here is a road named "Berry Hill Road".

    For many years a common prank was to add some pieces of tape to the letter "r", and turn it into the letter "n", thus turning "Berry Hill Road" into "Benny Hill Road".

    I think Benny would have approved......

  4. So many great memories of this show. Lars (above) is right...the humor was silly, but never mean-spirited and who can forget the theme Yakkity sax?

  5. In that first sketch, that's Paula Wilcox from classic '70's sitcom Man About The House, isn't it? Never knew she was on The Benny Hill Show.

  6. In the 1980s we lost the minis and Hill's Angels took to wearing stockings with garter belts. Not a good exchange but I love Jane Leeves.

  7. I watched Benny Hill along with Dave Allen At Large and SCTV by was of Channel 53 out of Pittsburgh.

  8. AnonymousJuly 22, 2015

    Loved Benny Hill. Up until a few years ago the BBC was still showing reruns. They quit because of the PC thing. His skits were a little over the top, mostly innocent fun though. He was shy and was a little bit of a loner. He died the day he got a new contract to do a series of specials on the tube. You can still see him on Youtube. Nick

  9. PC be damned. He was great.

  10. Hello boys., a favor: In the second and third photo, anyone remember the name of the character of Benny?