Album Covers #43: Awkward Vinyl

I tried to dig up some album covers that were just a little bit awkward or uncomfortable.  Maybe not deeply cringeworthy, but not the sort of thing that belongs on a record sleeve nonetheless.  It's a toe-curling stack-o-wax that I'm sure you'll enjoy...

A cry of desperation. "Please love me, anybody? Someone... anyone?" (crickets chirping)

More cringeworthy desperation.  Why won't anybody marry Pam?

"Please take this pineapple as a token of my affection.  Really, I want you to have it."  You can tell she's past the point of being polite.

Just two friends.  Nothing creepy about this whatsoever.  Age is not a barrier to their friendship - it's a beautiful thing, really.

Laura Dern finds the naked flutist and her naked bespectacled male woodland companions worthy of a nervous laugh.

This is how Marvin Santiago punishes his women when they act up.  Isn't burning ladies with hot irons a riot?

Ah, but she has the last laugh when she scalds his genitals with steam.  Domestic violence is such a hoot!

Should you tell her, or should I?  Someone's got to tell her the star stickers are not a good look.

I think she's gotten herself stuck.  Quick - does anyone have a saw?

Yes, I know. Posing for this cover in the buff, covered in hippie font was a terrible decision.  But you've got your whole life ahead of you.  We all make mistakes.

It's just milkshake on their faces.... right?

Okay, this one is too uncomfortable for me to apply a snarky comment.  Just put the chains away - she does not appreciate.

It looks like explosive flatulence.  I presume that wasn't the effect they were going for.

What better way to end than with a two car collision on Raymundo's nads.  Ouch!


  1. Melanie had plenty of fans in her time. But she needed a manager to tell her "Babe, the hippy-dippy schtick is great but you need to show some skin! Sell those gams, toots!"

    1. Also, she appears to be wearing my grandmothers dining table cover!!! Stupid hippy!

    2. voiceofthe70sAugust 02, 2015

      The Melanie cover pictured above must be an alternate cover or maybe one released outside the US. The US release, as I always saw it in stores, looked like this:


      Also, it isn't a "legitimate" release, in the sense that Melanie didn't authorize it. It was comprised of odds and ends and put out by her former label Buddah (yes, that's how it was spelled), when she left them to start her own label. We used to call those "spite albums". Although she wrote the song "Please Love Me", I'm not sure she would have called an album that.

  2. I hope the girl in For Collectors Only didn't get talked into tattoos instead of just body paint.

  3. Enrique y Ana were the most famous Spanish music act for kids in the 80's. They did covers for most cartoons and kids TV shows. They split when she was no longer a little girl. He later sang the Spanish version for Disney's movie Aladdin.