Mini Skirt Monday #194: I Dream of Jeannie - Season 5 (Part II)

Continuing where we left off last week, we'll work our way through a few more episodes.  As before, I'll provide some backstory for each picture as there's nothing worse than a mini without context. Enjoy.

"The Mad Home Wrecker" - Season 5, Episode 9

Jeannie is clearing out the attic to make room for their wedding gifts, and is blinking her Master's junk onto the driveway for a garage sale.

At one point, she blinks the attic junk on top of Tony.  A mildly amusing moment, but a great scene for Jeannie's miniskirt.

As I said before, the jokes are a bit tired by the fifth season; however, the omnipresent minis more than make up for any dip in quality.

The Bellows have recommended an interior decorator to redo the Nelson abode.  Of course, he's flamboyantly gay and makes a complete mess of things.

Tony poses as hired help and utterly destroys the decorator's work.  Jeannie, not knowing her master's plan, restores it back to its godawful state.

In the end, Jeannie undoes the abomination and blinks the living room into a brand new design.  A trendy makeover that the show would use for the remainder of the season.

"The Wedding" - Season 5, Episode 11

Episode 10 had basically zero minis; thankfully, this one has a few.  It's the big wedding episode. Jeannie and Amanda Bellows are wearing minis for the wedding rehearsal - Amanda, as always with a lower hemline.

But there's a problem - a genie can't be photographed.  Obviously, this will create a stir with lots of wedding photographers capturing the big astronaut wedding.

They formulate a plan to have Jeannie destroy or disintegrate all the cameras, but, as you might expect, that creates even more of a stir.  What to do?

While she's having her hair done by Amanda, Jeannie comes up with the idea to have a mannequin in her place.  Naturally, this leads to all kinds of wacky hijinx; unfortunately, none of it involving miniskirts.  Moving right along...

"My Sister, the Home Wrecker" - Season 5, Episode 12

Jeannie's sister is in town, and she's masquerading as Jeannie and creating all sorts of mischief.  (Apparently, Samantha on Bewitched wasn't alone in having a slutty sibling).  Jeannie's sis is making advances toward the new hot shot astronaut, Biff Jerico (Michael Ansara), and everyone thinks it's Jeannie who's being unfaithful.

As expected, Amanda Bellows arrives to get the hot gossip, and perhaps set Jeannie back on the path of righteousness.  Ms. Bellows generally wore hemlines of fairly conservative length; but, conservative length in 1969 was still a safe distance above the knee.

With both Jeannie and her disguised evil sister wearing the same micro-miniskirt, there's lots to love about this episode - especially considering the dress' tendency to flip up with every slight twirl.

I'll just mention here that, again, Roger's girlfriend, a young Farrah Fawcett, makes a brief appearance.  And just as I mentioned in the last Miniskirt Monday, you never get a clear look at her mini.  A missed opportunity of epic proportions.

So, everyone thinks Jeannie's having a fling with Biff, thanks to the chaos-loving sister. Thankfully, Roger finds the sister outside while Tony spots Jeannie at the stairs - the realization then hits him... there's two!

Finally, Tony has a plan to set everything straight.  First he locks Jeannie's meddling sister in a closet, then...

The doorbell rings, and to everyone's shock - it's Jeannie at the front door - how can this be - she's in the closet?  All is explained...

Jeannie pulls off her blonde wig, revealing she is actually Jeannie's sister.  Hence, all the misconceptions - the adulterous acts can be attributed to her.  Meanwhile, Jeannie's real sister is in the closet- and why she can't zap herself out is beyond me.  It's probably best to just enjoy the mayhem and miniskirts and not ask too many questions.

"Jeannie, the Matchmaker" - Season 5, Episode 13 will be covered in detail in a Boob Tube post.  So be on the lookout for that - we won't spoil it here.

"Never Put a Genie on a Budget" - Season 5, Episode 14

Jeannie literally wound up in jail after stealing stuff from stores all over Cocoa Beach.  Tony realizes his genie doesn't understand commerce and budgeting.  He sits her on his lap and says, "You are my wife, and you're going to have to learn to live on my salary."

Sounds a bit too much like Darren Stephens for my blood.

So, of course, things are taken to the extreme.  Jeannie serves Tony and his Soviet cosmonaut guest a very meager meal, and she's invited hippies to board with them to earn some extra cash to help with the Nelson finances.

The hippies invite some hippie friends, and soon it's a groovy party.  Jeannie starts dancing go-go style (holding a candle because she's conserving electricity) in a truly gratuitous moment meant purely for male viewer ogling. Truly a magic moment in the annals of Miniskirts on TV.

There's still a few episodes left of Season Five.  Until next time.


  1. You weren't kidding, that episode literally was built around Jeannie's miniskirt.

  2. Every time I see these old pictures of her I'm stunned by her beauty.

    Major Nelson was one lucky guy!

    Or was that Michael Ansara........

    1. I saw that episode with Michael Ansara. He played it like a serious dramatic romantic lead. It was weird how he could pull off being a badass even in a light fluffy sitcom with a genie.

  3. DiscoDollyDebAugust 03, 2015

    Great pics! Gotta love that late-sixties wardrobe, decor, and color palette (the gender politics, on the other hand...). One minor quibble: on "Bewitched," Samantha had an identical cousin (kinda like on The Patty Duke Show), not a sister. Her name was Serena and she was always doing the frug to Boyce & Hart records and almost ruining Darren's ad campaigns. God, I'm old!

  4. A genie can't be photographed because...? In this day and age of every phone also being a camera it would be very hard times for genies. Oh and "blinking her master's junk..." Good one.

  5. Serena was played by Pandora Spocks, Montgomery's first cousin. When the show ended she drifted into erratic behavior and was incarcerated by state authorities in 1975 after storming the set of the LIzzy Borden movie waving an axe.

    1. Hooey.
      Pandora Spocks is a play on "Pandora's box." Serena was played by Elizabeth Montgomery.

      But a kinda, sorta, not too, funny try...

  6. A clip of Barbara Eden's dance from the last photo can be found at 1:48 in the following video. Totally 60s hot.
    (Note: The overall video is one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. There's a 70s version as well, but I think that the 60s version is better.)


  7. I think I just figured out why I loved this show as a kid.

    1. barbara eden....fantastic!!!

    2. I enjoy the older shows like IDOJ GI ODAAT mainly because you can catch the unintentional flash when we play the dvds as back then the editor of the show was not hip to todays tech which allows us mere viewers to have the same frame by frame view they had.

  8. Gotta love the pre VCR shows when the editors were not hip to the frame by frame we now have at our fingertips that allows us to catch the unintentional flash!

  9. She can't zap herself out of the closet because genies can't get out of enclosed spaces, that's why she can't get out of her bottle when it's corked.