Needlework A-Go Go #37: McCall's Guide To Carefree Sewing 1972

This how-to book doesn't provide sewing patters for the fashions inside; instead, it serves as a beginner's guide to getting started in the wondrous realms of knitting (queue Aladdin's "A Whole New World" background music here).

I'm not so interested in the how-to portion of this guidebook as much as I am the spectacular DIY fashions of 1972. Enjoy.

This couple looks so happy... but mother clearly does not approve.

Let the world stare.  We love each other and nothing else matters.

Photographer: "Look deeply thoughtful, but also confused... and slightly worried.  Perfect."

The Mary Tyler Moore collection, for when you want to go to the dog track.

Speaking of MTM, that looks exactly like Georgette hanging on the rails.

Explore the dark and forbidden secrets of collars; if you are worthy, you may create one of perfection. They say it can't be done - but, upon my honor, I have seen it with mine own eyes.

She knows her husband is in the mob, but she chooses to look the other way.  You can only deny for so long, sister.

They bet it all on Razzle-my-Tazzle, when they should have gone with Golden Enchantment. They've lost everything; all that's left to do is laugh maniacally.

Such distinguished gentlemen.  Bottom right: "Your cocaine, sir."

The bad news - we're hopelessly lost.  The good news: your polyester is the color of dead muddy leaves; the perfect camouflage if we need to hunt to survive.

Girl in yellow: "He's not following me still, is he? Please God, tell me he's still not behind me. Help"

Hand-finishing a lapel is ninja-level in the world of needlecraft.

Who me? You've got the wrong lady.  There's no cocaine here.... Okay, maybe a little.  Okay, a lot, but I don't know where it is.

The pattern on this woman's blouse is simply breathtaking.


  1. I spent the seventies loathing the long dresses and pants suits. They were all too enthusiastic about lowering those hemlines.

  2. Mom in the first pic looks a lot like Maud Adams. She was a top model before she was in two Bond films. Nick

  3. Picture 10 is great "If you can sew for yourself, you can sew for him." Yeah, so he can hang out at the mens only club smoking cigars and drinking cognac. Ahhh, life was indeed good back then my friend! The guy in the lower right does look a bit like Al Pacino from Scarface. And we all know how THAT turned out!!