TV Guide #8: Feb 12-18, 1977

Not so long ago, we had Kojak featured on a 1975 Electric Company magazine, now he's back a couple years later on TV Guide.  Let's face it - we can never get enough Telly.  Who loves ya baby?

Saturday morning features Fat Albert preachin' about TV addiction.  There's Jabberjaw, Superfriends, Dr. Hook on Bandstand, Monster Squad... and, if you're reall up for some thrills - Homer Formby will teach you the arcane arts of furniture care.

"Pinky roars to the rescue with the most spectacular motorcycle stunt this side of Evel Knievel"
Alas, Blanksy's Beauties was one Happy Days spin-off that never quite caught on.

Cast your vote, folks.  Favorite female performer in new television show? Is it Farrah, Nancy Walker or Linda Lavin?

I guarantee I was sitting in front of a TV set tonight: ZOOM, Starsky & Hutch, and The People's Choice Awards hosted by Dick Van Dyke.

One of my favorite Star Treks (the one with the infamous phallic cave rock) is on tonight.  What kid didn't love Jacques back in the day?  Toland discusses his book on Hitler - I actually read this back in 1988. Then, Shatner is back again on American Sportsman.

John C. Reilly did a pretty accurate parody of those early morning psychiatry programs as Dr. Brule (on the Tim and Eric show).  If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend an episode or two.

How to choose what to watch at the 3:00 time slot?  A no doubt thrilling episode of "All About Houseplants" or program on "Why being a parent has become so problematic".

Captain & Tennille was my favorite variety show back in the day.  Check out the motley crew on tonight: Abe Vigoda, Leo Sayer and Lou Rawls.

The Andros Targets sounds like some hard hitting journalism that would give Geraldo a run for his money.  Never saw it, but I'm sure this "one man investigative crusade against evil and vice" was quite the watch.

I've noticed as I've gone over these old TV Guides, for every program of mindless entertainment, there is generally a choice of some intellectual value.  In other words, sometimes you could watch Maude, and sometimes you could watch Meeting of the Minds.  At least you had a choice back then.

You youngsters out there with fancy shmancy digital televisions won't get the ghost reference above - and I'm not even going to explain it to you.

Bruce Jenner is on Dinah! tonight.  He's hanging out with macho men Johnny Bench, a Viking, and Jack Klugman.... and Jim Nabors.  I wonder what that male dynamic was like on set.

Some of you may remember my crusade to go through every single Wonder Woman episode.  As I recall, I made it to Season 1 Episode 7, then Retrospace went into an altogether too long of a hiatus.  I've had a few requests to resume the project, and have decided to to pick up at Season 2. Let the crusade continue!

Wednesday is chock full of Native American entertainment options. In Search of was a personal favorite growing up; the Nimoy ones on ghosts and bigfoot have stuck with me for decades.

"Unofficial Miss Las Vegas Showgirl Pageant" where a talent entry includes a tap dancer who performs with her head submerged in a fish bowl.

As if Dirty Mary Crazy Larry on TV wasn't good enough, there's Scatman Crothers on Chico and the Man!  And, damn, eyeglasses were ugly in '77!

Should read "Also Starring Linda Evans' Cleavage"

And there's always some interesting advertisements to be found...

For whatever reason, I vividly remember this Hard Head Flair Pen mascot.  Maybe it's because he's nude.

Deee-lish!  Until next time!


  1. Telly is the dude. And his brother George was such a great and sweet man. When Kojak gave Stavros crap about being fat or whatever, I just wanted to yell at Kojak.

    Oh god, an entire show with Pinky Tuscadero? How horribly annoying that must've been. Ugh.

    Farrah, as if there would be any other answer.

    The Flair pen ads were great. You should do a feature on '70s pen ads, both print and TV. Nothing can ever top CNR for Bic Banana.

  2. At the time I thought this crap was the bottom of the barrel. The Love Boat? Fantasy Island? Compared to Cupcake Wars and Parking Wars it was great. And they showed MOVIES.

  3. Kudos to you for mentioning the ghosting ad instead of the feminine itch ad on the same page. Admirable restraint on your part there.

    Good luck with watching every episode of Wonder Woman. As much as I love Lynda Carter in the role, I've had a very tough time sitting through whole episodes of the series.

    I'd be curious to read a review from you of the current retro TV networks that are popping up along digital TV sideband channels (MeTV, Antenna TV, etc.) What do you think of them? I really enjoy them!

  4. BTW, "Check It Out" with Dr. Steve Brule rules. Although it did seem to get more gross as the series progressed, which wasn't a good thing.

  5. Meeting of the Minds was on KBYU, the PBS affiliate. KBYU is one of two PBS affiliates owned by a religious organization (BYU/LDS). KBYU has a subchannel, BYU-TV, which is also on nationally on both satellite providers. As for the poster wondering about the new classic subchannels, I get MeTV and it it great. The actual MeTV subchannel is actually a double affiliate with MyTV. Primetime during the week is the newer stuff from MyTV.

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  7. MyNetworkTV. MEETING OF THE MINDS was not notably more sophisticated than MAUDE...and both were way too much vanity projects for their producers and stars. You can still see at least as sophisticated programming, even if not on Bravo nor Discovery (as once there might've been).

  8. Blansky's Beauties is the show Nancy Walker left McMillan and Wife to star in. Oh, well, there were always those Bounty ads to keep her quicker-pickin'-upper paychecks. I just saw Roz Kelly, who played Pinky Tuscadero--"Fonzie's Ex"--on a two-part Starsky & Hutch, "The Las Vegas Strangler," also starring Lynda Carter and Frank Converse. Now that's entertainment!

    I learned something new--Judd Hirsch starred in Delvecchio before Taxi. Delvecchio looks like a good show. Another of those one-name detective shows that were all the rage (Banacek, Baretta, Khan!, Kojak, Mannix, Tenafly, et al.).

    For brainier alternatives, I remember watching Firing Line (Wm. F. Buckley), Agronsky & Co. (panel of journalists), and The Open Mind (academic Richard Heffner of Rutgers). Thanks for a great post that stirred up many good memories. I had just turned 10 and was watching a LOT of TV at this time ... and loving it!

  9. THE OPEN MIND Is still broadcasting...albeit with a different host. AGRONSKY & CO. continued for years after his (Martin A.'s) death as INSIDE WASHINGTON and wrapped up about two years ago...having helped inspire THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP along the way.

    1. Thanks for the update, Todd! I watched Inside Washington and never knew it was Agronsky & Co. without Agronsky. I liked its more sober approach to the news, as opposed to McLaughlin and Crossfire. Also great to hear The Open Mind is still on! Heffner and many of his guests, such as Peter Gay and Neil Postman, were tremendous influences on me. I think the nearest equivalents to those shows today is After Words and In Depth on CSPAN.

    2. And THE OPEN MIND itself. I see the current host is probably the founder's son: http://www.thirteen.org/openmind/

  10. I wasn't watching much TV in 1977 so except for some of the bigger shows in prime time I'm not to familiar with much of this. I was out driving around in my 1976 Camero and hitting the clubs.

    "How the West Was Won" was made into a TV movie?

    "A Man Called Horse" came out in 1970 and I remember seeing it in the theater. I remember it as being one of the most boring movies I had ever seen. It spawned 2 sequels, "The Return of A Man Called Horse" which I may have seen and "The Triumph of A Man Called Horse" which I'm sure I didn't see.

    1. HOW THE WEST WAS WON was made into a miniseries.

      I imagine much of the more gruesome aspects of HORSE were cut for broadcast. Never have sat through it.

  11. AnonymousMay 18, 2016

    Might sound silly to you, but can you confirm what played on Channel 2, the NBC affiliate in place of Saturday Night Live this week?
    It would be listed on page A-22.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just trying to make a list of everything that aired on Saturday Nights, when SNL did not.
    Please e-mail me [email protected]

  12. AnonymousJune 22, 2016

    Yeah, I check for SNL on each TV Guide scan and it's always missing.