Vintage Scan #38: Ice Capades 1978

In the third installment of ice show brochures we have the 1978 Ice Capades.  We are smack dab in the disco era, folks - and it definitely shows.  Things look a little less Lawrence Welk this time around, and a little more Saturday Night Fever; complete with lots of sparkly disco bedazzlement. But don't take my word for it - let's go check it out....

We haven't had an Olympian like Dorthy Hamill in a while - one who's a household name and the envy of every girl or boy in the schoolyard. Hamill even had her own haircut every girl sported in 1978-9.

This is too awesome for words:
Come with us aboard the Space Ship "Star Struck One." At Ice Station Zero we are welcomed by The Space Traveller, known on earth as David Kirby, and Miss Galaxy — our own dazzling and lovely Kathy Fahlgren. The Spacetra-nauts and other Celestial Beings join in the Astral festivities. So let's blast off to star-spangled fun ...

File under mismatched husband and wife; Terry appears to be an absolute spastic, while his Scandinavian spouse is mega-hot.

According to the program at the front of the brochure, Wiz City not only includes Yogi and Jabberjaw, but a personal fave - Hong Kong Phooey.

Terry Kubicka is described as "effervescent" and "vibrant" in his bio.  Wonder why they just didn't come right out and say he's gay.

The elegant Don Knight is sporting quite the ensemble here.  Those puffy leopard print sleeves are dynamite.

Disco Encounters.  It's a mix of tropical exotica and disco - and yes, I too have rubbed my several times wondering if this was real.

Described as "The World's Greatest Teenage Juggler"

Don and Charlene... or, as I like to call them, Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg

The Randels were entertaining I'm sure, but where's the skates?

What an eclectic mix - Dickens' London, American Rock, then Shalom!

Just wow.  That's literally all I can say.

The outfits are truly breathtaking.

Kathy Fahlgren is about to fahl out of her dress.... and Peluza, well, they're kinda disturbing.

"Using multi strobe exposures Melissa Miltano and Johnny Johns are shown performing their thrilling throw axel."  Is it just me, or does it look like Johnny boy is about to face-first into Melissa?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.  Before I go - here's the back page.  Until next time.


  1. Clowns are horrible. Mexican clowns are worse.

    Ooo! A Globetrotters program would be super tits!

  2. "I too have rubbed my eyes several times wondering if this was real." Yes it was, all over the tube. And that Xmas special with bears and spaceships was on that year too.

  3. Sarah Kawahara went on to become a very in demand choreographer for a number of world-class skaters.

    I had a skating teacher years ago whose older sister was a Capades skater and apparently wearing those headpieces in numbers like Disco Encounter made skating a tad tricky. You really had to know what you were doing.

  4. One look at Janet Runn's outfit reveals where the material came from for her husband's puffy leopard print sleeves.