Vintage Scan #39: International Musician And Recording World (Sept. 1977)

Other than a nice article on Steve Marriott (Small Faces) and how new wave will save live music, this magazine is essentially a catalog of music equipment advertisements.  Certainly, it will interest any musicians out there, but even the non-musicians like myself will find plenty of music nostalgia to make a browse through the September 1977 issue of International Musician And Recording World worthwhile.  Here is a link to download the whole thing, or read on to gaze in wonder at a few selected pages.  Enjoy!


Yeesh.  Not a very P.C. advertisement for a PA System.  Moving along...

Kind of a nicely designed advertisement; doesn't look too dated nearly three decades later.

Recognize all the names on the borders of this advertisement?  Obviously Queen, ELO, and Genesis ring a bell.. but how about Vibrators and Be Bop Deluxe?

Do you think PAS got Clapton in their ad legally, paying the big bucks?  Or maybe just threw his photo in their ad, and prayed he didn't notice?

Quite the assemblage of drummers.  Sure, there's no Bonham or Moon in the group photo, but there's Hawkwind, Camel, and the Damned.

If the drummer of Rio, backing Alvin Stardust, says TAMA is a good drum, then I'm sold.

The illustration looks like something I would have drawn on my folders in high school. In fact it might have been (I should have been more careful where I left my doodles.)

Ah, the eternal question.  Janet or Chrissy, Mary Ann or Ginger, Bailey or Jennifer, Betty or Veronica...

Anyway, a little love, no matter how small, goes a long way to keep this retro-train running.  Some of you have been very generous - much thanks!


  1. Electro-Harmonix Golden Throat, the pedal behind Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do?" and countless others. Such a simple concept, but an amazing sound. I've always wanted to run my drums through one.

    1. And you could sing Stillwater's
      My Daddy was a Gibson
      My Mama was a Fender
      That's why they call me Mindbender

  2. Mark CarterAugust 22, 2015

    Be Bop Deluxe were a superb band during the mid-70s. Well worth checking out on Youtube.

  3. Mr. Big (not to be confused with another band with the same name in the 80s and 90s) was a British band who had a minor hit with "Romeo" in 1977.

  4. The Vibrators are great! They give you a buzz! Anyway, they are a punk band and have a great sound.

    PAS is a play on PAF, early Patent Applied For humbuckers from Gibson.

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  6. The Vibrators best song was "Baby Baby." Clover is interesting. They were a sort of yacht rock band from San Fransisco that backed Elvis Costello for awhile. During that stint they noticed that there was a revival of 50s rockabilly and doo-wop in Britain. After a line-up change, the harmonica/saxaphone player decided to incorporate the 50s influence into the music and rename the band after himself. And Huey Lewis & the News was born.

  7. Apart from a good write-up about Charlie Marriott ,Tiny Confronts and also just how fresh trend will save you stay audio, this kind of newspaper is actually any directory regarding audio products commercials.

  8. Mr. Big (not to be mistaken with another group with the same name in the 80s and 90s) was a British group who had a modest hit with "Romeo" in 1977.