Vintage Style #44: 1970s Men's Fashion Ads

This is clearly the coolest dude who has ever walked the earth.  He's got a falcon for God's sake.  Even Ron Burgundy didn't have a falcon.

Anyway, here's a potpourri of 1970s men's fashion advertisements spanning from 1970-1975.    An abundance of tight high-waisted slacks and a sea of plaid await.


The Horshack Redemption #28: Savage Streets (1984)

The Professor and Gilligan discuss their top 3 cowbell songs of all time, then dive in to the trashy cult classic Street Trash (1984) starring Linda Blair.  Along the way, there's the usual discussions on gratuitous nudity, pop culture connections, and - of course- the drinking game.  Come along for the ride - download it or listen on iTunes, Stitcher, the website, on the Facebook page, or right here one Retrospace.

As always, read on for the screen shot gallery. Enjoy!


Mini Skirt Monday #197: I Dream of Jeannie - Season 5 (Part III)

Continuing where we left off in our quest for comprehensive Jeannie miniskirt watching, we have reached the third installment from Season 6.  Enjoy.

Fumetti #4

The last time fumetti made an appearance on Retrospace was June 2012 - too long of a gap for the finest examples of sleazy lowbrow art the world has ever known.  Sure, grindhouse movie posters could get racy and over-the-top, but nothing compares to the fumetti in terms of jaw-dropping sleaze performed with artistic skill.

The problem for me with fumetti, is that my interest ends at the over.  The insides are B&W, not artfully rendered, often pornographic, and in a language that I don't understand. Like the Warren and Skywald publications of the U.S., (which we've covered on Retrospace before), the cover is where the artistic brilliance resides.  So, check out a handful of lurid masterpieces - and, if you like these, I have an even larger stack waiting. Enjoy!


Ads #78: 1955 Advertising (Part II)

I've never seen a woman so delighted to be in a snowstorm.  Midcentury advertising is always a treat to behold.  Here's a second round from the Canadian magazine Maclean's (March 19, 1955). Enjoy!


Ads #77: 1955 Advertising

The commies are coming! The commies are coming!... to Canada?

Here are some advertisements taken from a Canadian magazine - Maclean's March 19, 1955.  Enjoy.


Double Feature #11:Invisible Perverts on Campus

School Spirit (1985)/ The Invisible Maniac (1990)

Both of tonight's double feature presentations feature guys who are able to turn invisible.  In School Spirit, Billy uses his newfound power to get into the pants of his female co-eds.  In The Invisible Maniac, physics teacher, Mr. Dornwinkle, uses it to molest and murder his summer school students. Enjoy!


Pancakes #15: I Predict Pancakes

It's been a while since we had our last serving of pancakes, so let's go back to the basics.  We've done pancake books, catalogs, and coloring books.... but let's go back to our origins - the batter, if you will. It's time to see, once again, if we can predict pancakes.  Let's sharpen our pancake predicting expertise on a few social encounters from the 1970s-80s and see if we've let our skills atrophy over the break...


The Horshack Redemption #27: Preppies (1984)

The Shack is Back!  After a three month hiatus, we've returned.  This time we're taking on the 1984 teen sex comedy Preppies (1984).  As always, we've got a top three list: "The Top 3 movie scenes which were so disturbing and traumatic, you felt like you needed a shower to wash away the pain." Enjoy!

Download episode, visit the website, and like us on Facebook.  You can also catch us on iTunes and Stitcher.

For those wanting a look at the featured film, a Preppies screen shot gallery is below.


Wonder Woman: S2E5

Season 2, Episode 5 - "Knockout" (original air date, October 14, 1977)

Those following along may be wondering what happened to S2E4 - "The Bermuda Triangle Crisis" - one of the classics.  That episode was actually covered on Retrospace way back in 2010.  Maybe it needs a reboot; but we'll go ahead and move along to episode 5 - "Knockout". Enjoy.


Magazines #49: Lady's Circle (Dec.1964)

Lady's Circle  Vol 1 No 3 Dec 1964

Ladies Circle is a magazine for homemakers, and this issue from 1964 takes us back to a simpler, more wholesome time.  Yet, as you'll see from the articles, changes are afoot.  It's been a year since Kennedy was assassinated, and the tides of change are rising.

There are articles on birth control pills, the rising levels of divorce, what to do in the case of a home invasion... America's post-war days in the sun under Ike and JFK are at an end.  Vietnam is brewing, and the younger generation, the Boomers, are getting older.  It's an interesting read to get a glimpse at a homemaker's perspective of life on the brink of change. Download the whole magazine here, and let's take a look at some selected pages....


Artful Conception #28: The Wildly Overused Bodiless Leg Motif

Regardless of its rather disturbing premise of perverted teddy bears, the advert is a perfect example of what shall henceforth be known as the Wildly Overused Bodiless Leg Motif (WOBLM).  You know the design:  a nice single or pair of feminine legs emerging from the margin – the perfect ploy to lure in male consumers.  Here are a few examples of this tried and true technique.

Note: The WOBLM is not to be confused with The A Frame

Catalogs #41: 1980s Rest Room World

I expect a rest room supplier catalog from the 1980s isn't going to interest many; however, I felt the need to share nonetheless.  Download the whole catalog, or take a quick look at a few pages below. Enjoy.



Double Feature #10: Jungle Flicks

Zan, King of the Jungle (1969)/ Trader Hornee (1970)

Both films feature city folk transplanted to the harsh jungle, both feature a jungle queen, both have evil duos doing dirty deeds to get rich, both are highly racist, both have men in gorilla suits, and both are ripoffs of earlier, more successful productions.  Zan of the Jungle is obviously a Tarzan knockoff and Trader Hornee, a sexploitation sendup of the 1931 classic, Trader Horn.

Enjoy the shows!


Mini Skirt Monday #196: Music Minis

I think it was back in 2011 when we last covered amateur musicians on a Miniskirt Monday.  So, here is a generous helping (to make up for lost time) of band girls in minis culled from yearbooks and newspapers.  Enjoy....


Tech #32: Arcade Game Promotional Material

I don't know about you, but I find old arcade game brochures and advertising infinitely interesting. Here's a handful of promotional material for a form of entertainment that was a huge part of my youth. Whether it was at the mall's Aladdin's Castle or just a lone Time Pilot at the 7-11, I was all about getting my three letters on the top scores list.

Most of these predate the arcade explosion of the early 80s; so don't expect Sinstar or Pole Position here.  Plus, some of these are from Europe, and some you may have seen on Retrospace before... but all are worth a look.  Enjoy.


Vintage Scan #40: Parade (January 3, 1971)

The fact that an actual London bridge dating back to 1831 was dismantled (1967) and rebuilt (1971) in an Arizona desert is absolutely insane.  Yet here it is.  Even more insane is the TV movie Bridge Across Time (1985) starring David Hasselhoff and Randolph Mantooth - where this relocated bridge brings with it the spirit of Jack the Ripper and a new string of murders.

Anyway, here are some pages from Parade (January 3, 1971).  Enjoy.


The Vintage Home #21: 1981 Advertising and Décor

No more screwdrivers, washers and bolts.... The Age of the Dial-On Toilet Seat is upon us.  Take care you do not grow lazy and weak during this era of easy lid installs.  In the leisure time this affords you, take up a hobby, learn a new language, grow medicinal herbs.... it is a great gift Mayfair has bestowed upon humanity; but with great gifts comes great responsibility.  Use it wisely.

Here's a few more advertisements and pages pulled from a couple 1981 home magazines.  Enjoy.


Vintage Wheels #23: Motorcycle Advertising

As I cruise to work each day in my Jetta, it is with a bit of envy that I look upon my fellow commuters on two wheels.  Sure it's less safe, sure they can't enjoy the Little River Band's Greatest Hits in air conditioned comfort... but they look so much cooler than I.

Here's a handful of motorcycle advertisements for your viewing enjoyment.  No surprise that the majority operate on the sex-sells principle.  After all, we're not selling tax filing software here... we're selling motorcycles dammit.

Kid Stuff #20: Bananas

Your Scholastic book order has arrived.  Enjoy your issue of Bananas!  (Don't say I never gave you anything)



Double Feature #9: Sci-Fi Sexploitation

Tonight's Double Feature consists of two low budget science fiction sexploitation films: Cinderella 2000 (1977) and Space Thing (1968). Trust me, the Space Thing movie is nowhere near as explicit as the movie poster would have you believe.  Neither one takes itself too seriously, fully self-aware of their major league campiness.  Enjoy the shows.


Magazines #48: US Weekly (April 25, 1983)

A great time capsule with TV reviews, swimsuits, an article on The Evil Dead, the top ten songs and movies of the day, and a slew of entertainment miscellany from the Grand Old Year of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Three.  Enjoy.


Wonder Woman: S2E3

Season 2, Episode 3 - "The Man Who Could Move the World" (original air date - September 30, 1977)

This episode touches on the rather sensitive subject of Japanese Internment Camps and features one of the more sympathetic and three dimensional foes in the series.  There's mind control, mine fields, and Steve Trevor in some groovy 1970s fashions.  Let's watch...