Fumetti #4

The last time fumetti made an appearance on Retrospace was June 2012 - too long of a gap for the finest examples of sleazy lowbrow art the world has ever known.  Sure, grindhouse movie posters could get racy and over-the-top, but nothing compares to the fumetti in terms of jaw-dropping sleaze performed with artistic skill.

The problem for me with fumetti, is that my interest ends at the over.  The insides are B&W, not artfully rendered, often pornographic, and in a language that I don't understand. Like the Warren and Skywald publications of the U.S., (which we've covered on Retrospace before), the cover is where the artistic brilliance resides.  So, check out a handful of lurid masterpieces - and, if you like these, I have an even larger stack waiting. Enjoy!

He's not naked, so the conveniently placed flower over his privates seems unnecessary.  (For more on this see: strategically covered nudity)

To say these fumetti depicted violence against women would be the understatement of the year; they could be straight up horrifically misogynistic. 

But, fumetti were an equal opportunity offender.  Both genders took their turns in roles of dominance and submission.

I deserve a special humanitarian award from Blogger for painstakingly avoiding the fumetti with nudity on the cover.  Suffice it to say, you have to work hard to find them (and it's a shame, because some of them are brilliant and deserve to be seen).  Avoiding ones that are horribly inappropriate, on the other hand, is an impossibility.

Of course, my "no nudity clause" went out the window with this one - it's just too amazing not to share.  This tennis player's clothes are literally being disintigrated by the explosion; meanwhile, her tennis partner plays on normally.  I love it.  And the strategically placed firearm is a nice touch as well.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.  Move along...

I love that the stagecoach is driven by a guy with a lion head, and the passenger is a hog-woman with a parasol.  These covers were the stuff of nightmares.

She's so horrified by the sight of her dead husband that her dress falls down.  It happens.

The fumetti came in all kinds of genres - crime, erotica, comedy.. but for my money, they did horror best.  The creative ways they brought nightmares to life is impressive to say the least.  I have a lot of horror fumetti that would be perfect for October, right around the corner.

Actually not that far off from New York in the 1970s.  With 4,000 murders per year (as compared to the hundreds in present day NYC), it was the definition of an urban wasteland.

Just a burlesque dancer reminiscing about when she was an Indian squaw and her tribe got set on fire.

You have my permission to use this as your desktop wallpaper at work.  Your boss will love it, and your co-workers will think you're great!

She may be hitting her target, but I don't think she's doing it right.

Will Zora the Vampire save the innocent babe from the Great White Shark? Stay tuned until the next fumetti post - horror fumetti - coming your way in October. Until then.


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    3. I agree - white background is the best

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  4. Wow, all the subtlety of a train wreck !! LOL
    I love the sheep one. Really playing to your core audience with that cove.

    Thank you for the , er , education.

  5. I love the pop-eyed vampire de Venise!