Magazines #49: Lady's Circle (Dec.1964)

Lady's Circle  Vol 1 No 3 Dec 1964

Ladies Circle is a magazine for homemakers, and this issue from 1964 takes us back to a simpler, more wholesome time.  Yet, as you'll see from the articles, changes are afoot.  It's been a year since Kennedy was assassinated, and the tides of change are rising.

There are articles on birth control pills, the rising levels of divorce, what to do in the case of a home invasion... America's post-war days in the sun under Ike and JFK are at an end.  Vietnam is brewing, and the younger generation, the Boomers, are getting older.  It's an interesting read to get a glimpse at a homemaker's perspective of life on the brink of change. Download the whole magazine here, and let's take a look at some selected pages....

  Among the color options: Ice Blue and Black with Gray Streak

No longer will mom or dad have to deliver that horribly awkward tale of the birds and the bees. Now, they can just pop on a record and a British gentleman can take it from there.

A couple in OKC has won a trip to the Sands (maybe they'll catch Steve & Edie); meanwhile a couple in Cleveland gets a Detecto bathroom scale.

According to this article, the IQ test is a royal pain in the ass for schools - lots of time and money wasted.

An interesting look at divorce law in 1964:
"....But what if there has been no adulterous behavior? Well, the unfortunate couple is faced with two alternatives: One spouse can move to another state where divorce laws are more lenient (this is called migratory divorce and would require setting up temporary residence), or the couple can remain in New York and actually pay to have one or another found in a compromising situation with a member of the opposite sex. Sexual intercourse is not a requirement¡ a state of undress or an "adulterous disposition" will be accepted."

Among the lawful grounds for divorce: leprosy, attempt to prostitute wife, and idiocy

How safe are the birth control pills? According to Lady's Circle, not too safe.

She made her own wedding gown.  Barry is proud, but not more so than her parents who dodged an expensive bullet.

Keep in mind, the 'no makeup look' didn't mean no makeup; that would be scandalous.

I give them an "A" for effort on the presentation; poking those kebabs into the side of a small pumpkin is genius.

King Sano was the only brand to focus on the health concerns surrounding cigarettes at the time. However, they were a commercial failure as consumers didn't like the taste.


  1. Was King Sano related to the instrumental "King Insano" by Embryo?

  2. Should the IQ test be abolished because it's a hassle for schools? Good night, today they test the kids into a stupor.

    I saw that state divorce laws on Tumblr. Don't remember if it linked back to you, but I don't think it did. In fact, just today I saw a bunch of your RV pictures on there. No credit was given to you. One thing I don't like about Tumblr is you can't comment.

    1. I can barely look at Tumblr anymore because I'm constantly seeing my stuff posted and reposted with no credit. I don't complain too much because I'm guilty of it too sometimes and I didn't create the images - I don't have any rights to them. But I did scan them.

      I saw one Tumblr blog recently that was almost nothing but my Flickr and Retrospace images, and I just shook my head and clicked exit.

  3. "The wonderful story of how you were born" is available on YouTube, of course. It's pretty clinical and explicit. The record is about 8 minutes to a side. It takes the whole first side to get to "to make a baby, the egg and sperm must get together". Another 4 minutes to get to how this happens. The whole process sounds pretty dull.

  4. Marriage/Divorce laws are fascinating because they are so different from state to state. Other things like that are laws concerning sales of alcohol, gun purchase and carry, and fireworks.

    New York is still not a no-fault state. So, if you want to divorce someone in New York, and they don't want to get divorced, you have to show cause or New York won't grant it.