Mini Skirt Monday #197: I Dream of Jeannie - Season 5 (Part III)

Continuing where we left off in our quest for comprehensive Jeannie miniskirt watching, we have reached the third installment from Season 6.  Enjoy.

"Please Don't Give My Jeannie No More Wine" -  Season 5, Episode 15

With an episode title like this, high expectations are set.  Sadly, however, it's not one of the better Jeannie episodes for miniskirt watching, as she wears a one-piece jumpsuit the entire episode.  While stunning, a poor substitute for the high hemlines we've grown to love.

The plot involves a bottle of wine, given as a gift to the Bellows, which turns them invisible. Comedic shenanigans abound. Unfortunately, none involving minis.... the sole miniskirt is worn by Roger's date...

Linda Watkins (actress Mary Grover) wears an impossibly short skirt, but unfortunately the scene is is set in Roger's darkened bachelor pad.

A poorly lit glimpse is all we get of this micro-micro-mini, but we'll take what we can get I suppose. Roger was such a player.

"One of Our Hotels Is Growing" - Season 5, Episode 16

Tony, Jeannie, Roger and the Bellows are going to California for Disneyland vacation -- and it's Tony and Jeannie's honeymoon to boot.  Surely, this will be a nice relaxing getaway for all - what could go wrong?

The comedic mayhem begins when they find their hotel reservations are gone, and they've no place to stay.  So, Jeannie blinks into existence a 13th floor.

Major Nelson carries his new bride across the threshold.  Little does he know, he's on a floor that shouldn't exist.

They find in their room a drunken hobo.  The 13th floor used to be the roof - a place he called home.

I think Major Nelson is due for a stroke; he is constantly contending with highly stressful situations. How will he play this little situation off?  The hotel staff are surely to get wise to their extra floor.

The bellhop (actor Marvin Kaplan, whom you may recognize from his 1970s commercials and TV appearances, namely as a regular at Mel's Diner on Alice), tries to bring the hotel manager to the 13th floor, to show him the miracle.  But Jeannie blinks it back into a roof.... and the poor bellhop thinks he's going insane.

You would think the Bellows would freak out when their room is transformed back into a rooftop, but they're conveniently "blindfolded" - Dr. Bellows with a towel on his head, and Amanda with a dress pulled over her head with its zipper stuck.

The name of the game now is to keep the Bellows in their room.  We can have them leaving the 13th floor. The reason for is not well explained - Tony inexplicably doesn't want her blinking an elevator to connect to this floor. Oh well, just enjoy the ride... and Jeannie's amazing pink micro-mini.

So, Tony, Roger and Jeannie must disguise themselves as hotel staff to keep the Bellows happy in their room.  Manic comedic hijinx ensue.  I must say, Jeannie makes a fine hotel operator.

The gang are crashed out from their stint as maid, room service, bellhops, etc.  Eventually, the Bellows have had enough and decide to leave, but the mystery behind the 13th floor is never discovered.  As always, Mr. and Mrs. Bellows leave the episode blissfully ignorant to the magic behind the madness.

"The Solid Gold Jeannie" - Season 5, Episode 17

Major Nelson, Major Healey and Commander Leslie Wingate are in an isolation chamber after returning from the moon.  Jeannie and Leslie's wife primp themselves for their visit.  The astronauts must stay behind glass until the decontamination process has run its course.

And thus begins one of the most frustrating episodes of Jeannie miniskirt watching ever...

Jeannie blinks herself into the isolation chamber to be with her master, but now she's trapped.  Tony won't let her leave because she's now contaminated... but she's got to stay out of sight of Leslie.  For the next five minutes we find Jeannie, crouching, kneeling, etc.... yet we never get a clear view.  The director/editor manages to cleverly conceal any immodest angles, keeping her conveniently in the background.

Jeannie gets out of her mini into a nice gold astronaut suit, and shrinks down to become an inconspicuous commemorative statue.  The problem comes when she takes some sleeping pills thinking it's headache medicine.  Jeannie's out cold, and Leslie thinks he's losing his mind.

The lack of miniskirts in this episode is forgiven when Tony has to carry a sleepwalking Jeannie and we are treated to an up-close Jeannie butt.  Certainly not a hall-of-fame miniskirt episode, but it more than makes up for it in golden Jeannie rumps.

"Mrs. Djinn Djinn" Season 5, Episode 18

Jeannie has acquired a genie dog and Roger thinks she's had a baby - and spreads the rumour across the workplace.  Dr. Bellows and his wife, Amanda, arrive to congratulate the new parents.

Here, we get a rare look at Amanda Bellows in a miniskirt.  As mentioned before, her dresses were always a bit longer than Jeannie's.

Of course, Major Nelson is unable to squash the rumor with a simple explanation that they've gotten a dog, not a baby.  The misunderstanding persists and chaos unfolds in typical sitcom fashion.

Unfortunately, Jeannie wears bell bottom pants during the Bellows visit; thankfully, she's back to wearing minis when she's helping the dog give birth to puppies.

The birthing corresponds with the arrival of the Bellows and a number of other guests, celebrating the new arrival.

The sounds and mayhem surrounding the birthing going on in the kitchen is too much for Mrs. Bellows, who faints, .

When Jeannie comes out and announces there's six, Amanda hits the floor (that's her feet at the bottom).

At last, the misunderstanding is resolved, and the guests depart in good spirits.

And we get one last glimpse of Jeannie's mini as she collapses into her master's arms, exhausted from the experience.  As am I.

Until next time. Cheers.


  1. That first rooftop scene in episode 16… Roger seems to be grabbing Jeannie's ass.

    1. Ha! A sly move by Bill Daly; little did he know he'd be busted 45 years later through the magic of freeze frame.

    2. Oh, and Vinton Hayworth (General Schaeffer) seemed to be getting handfuls of the fainted Amanda Bellows as well. Lots of stealth grabbing on I Dream of Jeannie.

  2. You can tell the "Jeannie" producers at least knew they had a good gimmick by allowing full screen shots of those legs. Compare it with "That Girl", which conceded the existence of the hated mini but kept her sinful stems behind desks whenever possible.