The Horshack Redemption #27: Preppies (1984)

The Shack is Back!  After a three month hiatus, we've returned.  This time we're taking on the 1984 teen sex comedy Preppies (1984).  As always, we've got a top three list: "The Top 3 movie scenes which were so disturbing and traumatic, you felt like you needed a shower to wash away the pain." Enjoy!

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For those wanting a look at the featured film, a Preppies screen shot gallery is below.

The 3 preppies; absolutely interchangeable and indistinguishable characters.

The 3 sluts whose job is to distract the preppies from their studies.

And the 2 preppie girlfriends: Margo and Trini.

One of the strangest cinematic moments I've ever witnessed: the sex scene separated by glass. Unbelievably awkward, yet strangely erotic.  Must be seen to be believed.

Margot and Trini practice for their preppie boyfriends. Another powerfully awkward moment; yet, still oddly erotic.

Listen to the show where we dive in deep to an incredibly "un-deep" film, Preppies.  A good time is had by all.  Come along!


  1. Yes!! I have something to listen to at work!

  2. So glad you and The Professor are back into it! It's 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning, I've got my coffee and the house is still quiet. Aaah!! Thanks gentlemen, I can't wait!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh..... Finally!

  4. One of the very few non porno pictures Chuck Vincent made!

  5. Had to stop on the cycle ride to work yesterday morning whist listening. The first is when I almost hit a deer racing down an hill. Soon after, heart still pounding, whilst listening to the description of Salo. I saw that film originally thinking it was a true-to-life account of the last days of Mussolini's Salo Republic. Nope.
    The final film mentioned about some dwarf reminded me of another film featuring a sadistic dwarf which made me think it was the same film with a different name- Blood Sucking Freaks from 1976. It would be one of my top five disturbing films for its level of sadism and sheer disturbing nature of the images.
    "Some of the torture methods depicted fictionally in the film include the use of thumb screws, a skull crushed by a vise, the amputation of a wrist by a bone saw, the amputation of fingers by a meat cleaver, electro-shock, suspension, the extraction of teeth, the portrayal of an electric drill through a skull with the brains sucked through a straw, the amputation of feet by a chainsaw, stretching on St. Andrew's Cross, caning and subsequent decapitation by guillotine, as well as brainwashing, whipping, darts, and quartering."
    BUT I watched it with the commentary- by Eli Roth of Hostel film-writing fame. HILARIOUS. Went on about how Quentin Tarintino studied the film to determine the correct type of clothes for Jackie Brown, how the dwarf influenced Fiennes's acting style in English Patient.... just a non-stop piss-take. Highly recommended.

  6. Another classic review, absolutely hilarious! There’s nothing like getting a little work done with Horshack Redemption in place to gnaw away at the tedium. Thanks gents!

  7. just now getting caught up on your podcasts, great job as always! Please tell me the song you are using as an intro, it's pretty awesome and I can't find it anywhere!